Baofeng Uv-5r Firmware Update

Jun 2, 2016 - The actual firmware cannot be updated in the UV-5R radio. What your second link contains are a set of image files. The image files contain the. Bommarillu childrens magazine pdf.

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Baofeng Uv-5r Firmware Update Tool


Baofeng Usb Driver Download

Three out of five radios would not program with the original image file I created. However, I decided to create a new image file from one of the three factory originals. This new image file (attached) has all the same settings as my original image file.

It worked on the three radios that would not program with the first image.I decided to try programming one of the two radios previously programmed. Immediate failure. This time the error message was slightly different in the display (attached). There is obviously a difference between the two image files that are incompatible with the other radios. I hope you can determine what that is so I can inform Baofeng.

David,The image from radio #1 is corrupt. It is a cross between an N5R image and a BFB image. It also has a place where channel 127 is repeated 3 times in an area of memory that it should not be. It need to have a good image uploaded to it.CHIRP will not permit the image from radio number 1 to uploaded into radio number 2 because the specific area of memory that CHIRP checks to see if it matches does not match. CHIRP will not let the image from radio number 2 to be uploaded into radio number 1 for the same reason.

In this situation, CHIRP is behaving exactly as it is programmed and expected to behave.You can 'fix' radio #1 by temporarily downgrading to CHIRP daily-20140717 (before the protection was added) and uploading the image from radio. For more details, you can visit the page.With the changes that Baofeng has made in the last 6 to 9 months, it is not a good idea to trade CHIRP Radio Images files between Baofeng radios. Personally, I would keep a separate CHIRP Radio Image (.img) for each radio and use the CHIRP Import feature to import the 'master' image into each radio.Jim KC9HI.