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Can someone tell me how the boy next door meme came about? (Seriously no kappa). Gachi Muchi pretty well by now from the stream and the emotes and all that stuff.

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How do you feel when you can tell your school day crush that he was your childhood crush? I met up with my long lost schoolmate after like 30+ years recently.He was my primary school classmate.


To me, he was the best looking guy in class. During that time, I didn't know I had a crush on him until we left our school to move on to secondary. We went to different school, but as my secondary school was near his home, I frequent his home often just to see him. I even stayed on for dinner with his family at times. I didn't know I had a crush on him until much later and I am still not sure why I keep wanting to see him back then.Fast forward, present day. He didn't change much.

His signature hairstyle, boy-next-door look and smile are still what I remembered, except much older. He is straight by the way and married.We had a great time catching up with each other and from our conversation, I found him to be very open and non-judgmental.

Somewhere during our conversation, he told me that one of his friend from his uni intro his partner to him and I took the opportunity and came out to him.I am not usually the type who would just come out to people, but I am glad I did as I just want to be honest with him, as he me. We talked quite a fair bit about our personal lives and stuff and incidents and people of yesteryear.I am sure we will keep in touch and hopeful build upon our friendship as we had lost touch for so many years. Met this young guy the next morning I arrived in Taipei. He msg me on Jack'd and we met and we fucked.

Decided to give him my underwear since I thought his underwear were really ugly. After that we did not managed to meet and I thought that was it.It wasn't until my trip was about to come to an end that I chatted with him again. So I decided to spent my last nite with him and fly off the next evening.I met him at Xi Men Ding and he was still as cute as the first day I saw him. Instead of bringing me to his place, he lead me to a boutique hotel nearby. The small room had everything one need for a good time and even a small tub. We both took a bath in the small tub.

Passion took over and we kissed and kissed and made passionate love. Even though I was having sex almost everyday, I was really turned on my the hot young bod before me and I was really into the session. After the hot passion, we lay in bed chatting and more kissing. That nite, we hug as we slept.The next morning, I woke up with a raging hard on and more sex ensured. Then we head for breakfast. After breakfast we rested a bit and I gave him my Calvin Klein underwear as a gift to remember our times together. We checked out of the hotel and went for lunch before heading to his house nearby to leave my backpack.We went to watch a critically acclaimed Taiwanese movie called 'You are the apple of my eyes'(那些年, 我們一起追過的女孩).

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During the show, we hold hands and at times, we kissed. After the show, we went back to get my backpack. During those time, we stole kisses when we think no one was watching, hold hands, etc.

I felt like a school boy again going out on a date.Well, all good things have to come to an end and I had to bid farewell to my cute Taiwanese boy. As the bus drove off from the bus terminal, I felt a void developed in my heart. I can feel that he really liked me and I too had never felt mushy inside for a long time.He text me saying he like me and I replied. 'Thanks for liking me' (謝謝你喜歡我) (As in the movie we watched).As I was fumbling through my backpack looking for my spare phone battery, I found a note from the boy saying he had enjoyed the day with him and he left me a gift; the blue shorts he wore during our time together. I did mentioned that I wanted to get a similar shorts but we never found the time to shop for one. I was touched. The short fits me too.I've been to Taiwan many times and I can say, I usually treat such trip as a fuck and forget, but somehow, this boy makes it hard for me to forget.

Shit, am I really getting old and mushy.The plane landed in Sg but the memories still lingers on of the time I spent with this boy. Hadn't had the mood to blog these days. Thanks to those whom had sent me greetings for my 49th Birthday, which had passed recently.Ya, approaching the big 50 next year. Surprisingly, I felt much better and healthier.

Must be the placenta and propolis supplements that I've been taking. Hmm, have never been that health conscious before, it's good to take care of oneself as one ages and it helps when one feels better.Late 2010 and 2011 is a year of new experiences.

Been trying lots of stuff which I had never had the nerve to try. But what the hack, I am not getting younger and there is no harm experiencing it. I can only say, there are no regrets and I am enjoying it to the max.Relationship wise, nothing fruitful yet. Maybe I wasn't even trying hard enough. Sex was always great. Been dabbing my hands in some SM stuff, interestingly, I was rather turn-on, maybe because it was new but the thought of dominating someone totally and owning them sounds exciting.

(evil grin) Hehehe.The last few week was crazy, been having sex non-stop just after my birthday right up till yesterday. About one and a half week of non-stop fun. Whoa, I've never been so sexed up before. Luckily, it ended on a high note. The last bottom I had gave me such a nice blowjob and I fucked him up so good the he soiled my bedding. Well, shit happens but I am not angry with him.

It was a really good session.Well, life's been good and I am working my butt out in losing weight and getting bigger chest and back.Here's toward the Big 50.

Someone text me to tell me that he is dating someone 15years older than him and asked me if age is a problem?For someone who had been with many guys whom are younger than me. I don't see it as much of a problem. Love is love, you love someone for who they are, it just so happens that their age is younger or older than you. The love you have between each other is not going to diminish or increase just because he is older or younger than you are.Having said that, the next thing is how compatible are both of you? Do you click with each other? Do you have common interest? Do you talk it out if you have disagreements?My young bf is 26year younger than me and we have been together for the past 6 to 7 years and still going strong.In the beginning, my younger bf were conscientious when introducing friends around his age to me.

He is worried of what others might say or ask. That I can understand, so sometimes I will join him with his friends and sometimes I don't, just so that I don't make it difficult for him. But over the few years we have been together, his friends starts to get use to seeing me around. He eventually came out to his very close friends about our relationship and his straight friends though surprised but accepted him for who he is.Sometimes, young people are very conscious about their image and social standings.

For me, I don't bother with how others view me. I live the life I want and I don't owe anyone a living and neither do they, so I am bot at all bothered by how people sees me, as I don't live my life on other's expectations. I hope that young people understand this too.

Don't live your life on what others expect of you. Live your life how you want as long as you don't hurt or harm people. Always choose to live a happy life.So, is age a problem in a relationship. I can't only says that, if you think it's a problem then you have a problem, but if you don't think it's a problem then it's hardly a problem. It's between you and the person you love, whatever problem you might have, I am sure you will find a solution for it.

Our relationship is coming to 4 years. My good friend in Taiwan is celebrating his 11th years with his bf. It's rare for gay couples to have relationship that long but it does happen.For my friend who is in his 11th years, I must say, the Taiwanese are the most open minded in thinking than many Singaporeans, including myself.

I met my Taiwanese friends in Bangkok back in 2000 while I was working there and he was there nursing a heartache as he had just broken off a 4 year relationship.We did not meet again until 2003 when I went Bangkok with my then ex. We met by chance while I was going up to take the train at Saladang, while he was walking down.

Boy Next Door Gachi Movie

My ex noticed that he was staring at me and told me and I took a glance and thought he looked familiar but can't recall his name. I searched my phone and called him and he answered that he is now in Bangkok and we just pass each other. I invited him to join us and we enjoyed our little get away holiday.Our friendship bonded during that trip and we became close friends after that.

I would visit him in Taipei the next year with my ex and he introduced his then new boy friend to us. Back in 2004, he was only dating this guy and he had said they would try out the relationship and now, fast forward today, they are celebrating their 11th Anniversary.My Taiwanese friend had, during his 11 year relationship been in 2 multiple partners relationship.

One was with another couple about 4 years ago. Although that relationship lasted about a year plus. They are still friends. They broke off because one of the other couple was a tad too childish and selfish.The last time I met my Taiwanese friend was a few months ago and also in Bangkok with my current bf and he brought along another guy whom had agreed to be the 3rd person in his current relationship with the agreement from my friend's boyfriend.

We had a great time together enjoying good food, massages, and shopping.We can tell that the new bf really love my friend from all the little action he did and I am really happy for my friend to find someone like him. My friend is not a hunk but he is certainly the most intelligent, charming and talented person one can have as a friend. I am always amaze by the fact that he is able to manage a relationship with multiple partners and that he is able to talk and make sense whenever there is any dispute or argument and he is the best person I would go to to get answers for relationship issues.Its really not easy to be in a relationship for gay couple, and its even harder to have a relationship that can last more than 11 year. The difficulty level multiplies when you have a 3 or 4 person relationship. It's not impossible but possible and my Taiwanese friend is proof that it is possible. Kudos to him.As for me, I am very happy to be with my current bf of about 4 years although we might have a 26 year age gap.

So, basically, nothing is really impossible for a relationship to work, its just whether you want to make it work or not. It's 2015 and how time flies.Have not been posting as I have been busy with work over the past few years, though not terribly busy, but busy none the less.New Year, Chinese New Year came and went and its Chap Goh Meh (15th and last day of the Chinese New Year). To me Chinese New Year is the same every year, I am not a very festive person so I usually don't organise anything in my house. But I was invited to attend a few parties to celebrate the Chinese New Year.Well, 2014 was a good year where I get to travel and does some great work overseas. It had never dawned upon me that my work would take me overseas. But by some stroke of luck, I was asked to work oversea twice. So 2014 was actually a great year for me with lots of opportunities and work.

Thus it is something to be thankful for.What was good had also it's bad. My health was slightly affected last year after being lazy and inactive. My 2 oversea work trip although was good opportunity but it came with a price; A sprain back and some breathing problem, luckily it was very minor and I recovered from it, fortunately, since I had purchase travel insurance, I was able to claim for both the medical treatments.Last year was also a year where I traveled to Bangkok, Hong Kong for holidays with my boy.

Come April and it would be our third year together. How time really flies. Everything with us is rather routine and we each busy with our own work but the best part of it was that he has been staying with me for the past 1 year plus.I am getting use to him sleeping next to me and hearing him breath and sometimes snores. So when I travel or when he is not around, I sort of not use to sleeping alone without him next to me.Life is such, when you are so used to being alone, you need to get use to people sleeping next to you, but if you are attached for some time, you may not get use to not having someone sleeping next you.I can still hear his breathing next to me as I am typing.:)Cherish what you have, when you have.Good nite.

I'm stumped by the fact that a Taiwanese guy whom I've not met in person is in love with me for 7 years. I found that out only today after linking up with him just yesterday after a few years absent. He had sent me a message and I added him to my social network app.Years ago, he had sent me a message on my other social network app online and we chatted briefly on MSN, he was 19 then and I thought he was a tad too young. Nonetheless, we maintained an on and off chat and I shared with him advices and listened to him on his problems. It didn't take long for him to profess his love for me, which I kindly turned down.

The reason I told him that we are too far apart and that he is still young and should concentrate on his studies. I also consciously decided to avoid him and cut down our conversation as I realised that he is serious about his love for me. Eventually, we did not chat online and things dwindled down.Little that I know that after so many years, he still feels the same for me. I thought he would had found someone else and move on, but no. I told him the same reasons I told him years ago and that I'll feel bad if he had wasted all this time waiting for something that may not happened, but he is adamant.

Nothing I can say can't change his mind.He even told me that he had not had sex with anyone and that he was waiting for me and looking forward to meet me in the future. I was skeptical and asked him how he deals with his urges and he says for the past years, he used the pics I gave him to Jo. (OMG, unbelievable)I asked him how he would feels if someone had said the same things he said to me, to him? I told him that I felt pressurised from what he said and also that the thought that someone had love me for 7 years without even meeting is:1. Very Romantic2. Very CreepyAnyway, I am taking everything with a pinch of salt and see how things progresses. He is a nice kid and I had spoken with him over the phone and he comes across as genuine as he can be and I still the same vibes I get from him after all these years.To an extreme, I even told him that I am not the boyfriend material as I am too much of a playboy and his answer to me is that he don't mind who I am and only want me to allow him to love me.

(His msg:'我不管你多不專一, 我只要你讓我愛你就好')Still the thought that such devotion for a skeptical person like me stumped me. I am never a person who are at a lost for words but I sure am now. So in the mean time, I just take it in and smile.Posted 24 April 2012 - 06:42 PM on BW. Life as a kept boy is never all rosy and nice. I was a kept boy at age 22. He was a successful boss with glamorous lifestyle, double my age.

I met him while working in town and his company was next to my ex company. To my family, he was my godfather. I was young, confused about my sexuality and his lifestyle was glamorous and exciting. I wasn't in the gay circle until I met him. I stayed at his place and we are seen everywhere together and he pays for everything whenever we are out. Sex was great, he was the older bottom and I the younger top. It was him and only him that I did the 'helicopter'.It was about a year into our 'relationship' that I got a call from one of his fuck buddy; It was another young guy.

It was then that I realised that he had been doing things behind my back. That guy on the phone even ask me if I want to have sex with him, which I refused. I was young, naive and I just knew that he was very nice to me and I didn't even thought that I was in a 'relationship' with him, because we never talked about such thing. I was with him because he was nice to me. I thought I was bi then, Sounds familiar rite?Things when downhill from thereon and I realised that he became a different person whenever he was drunk.

One of the evening, during one of our verbal fights and his drunken stupor, he smashed my head with a glass ashtray and I fainted. It was then I realised that I can't be with such a person. I ran out of the house and he chased after me.

The neighbours called the police and because of not to caused any problem, I followed him back. I was really traumatised and was fearful of my life because I was not in control of my own life. I finally found an excuse to move back with my parent by saying I was going for further studies.He called me up to talk and I told him to meet me in a crowded place to prevent him from getting violent. During our talk, he threaten to out me to my parents. At that moment, I can only tell him that I've told my parents that he is gay and that he had abused me. He was shocked and surprised that I had told my parents and I told him that if he were to come to my place to find trouble with me, we will call the police. Of course, I lied.

After that incident, I dropped out of the scene and avoided any places that he might go.So, for those who thinks that life as a kept boy is all fun and roses, I would tell you from personal experience that it's not. It was good while it lasted but you have no control of your life and actions. You lose your self dignity and people will still remember you were someone's kept boy even after many years had passed.I've never told anyone about this pass of mine and I struggled whether to post this in BW, but I thought I should share my past in the hope that those young and naive guys don't follow my footstep and end up somewhere you don't want to.You have many choices to choose and you decide the life you live.

So, be wise and grounded but most importantly be true to yourself and be happy.Posted 30 April 2012 - 04:54 PM on BW. I recently celebrated my 51st birthday and I chose not to have a big celebration, just a simple dinner with my boy, (we just celebrated our 1st year together) and 2 of my close friends.What does a 51yo uncle need? I don't need anything more because I already have everything. Not kidding, I already have it all.I may not be the riches person to be able to buy everything, but I amenrich with experiences and there is nothing else in the world I wouldneed because I am already happy and contented with what I alreadyhave.I have a comfortable home,I have good job,I have good friends,I have love from my familyI have love from my boyfriendI have good health, so far so good, nothing major issues.Contentment is the key to happiness. A young guy wrote to me after reading my blog.

He asked me 'How has gay life been for me and what advice can I give to a 25yo boy like him?' Here is my reply to him.Everyone will have a path that will be different, regardless str8 or gay.Here are some food for thoughts:-1. Live A Life of No Regrets - I know its not easy when you are face with many choices, but a life with no regrets is when you live it for yourself and not for others and not based on what others say.Whatever choices we make in life there will be consequences. The goodconsequences will enrich us and help us grow, the bad consequences maydestroy us and also hurt others. Choose your choices wisely.

Don't do things that you may regret for the rest of your life.2. Do Good Deeds - Do good and help people when you can because the person you helped might return your help when you need it the most one day. But not do good and expecting something out of it. Just do good without expectations and without wanting any returns and not because u hv to but because you want to.3. Open Your Mind - We sometimes have a certain ways of doing things and sometimes we do not want change to come and upset our comfortable life.

Do try to open your mind to new things and new ideas, etc. Only when we free our mind will we be able to experience new things and grow from the experiences.4. Open Your Heart - Be real and genuine to people around you, treat people with respect and don't take people for granted. When you open up your heart to people, those who can see your good qualities and don't mind your bad qualities are those people you can call them friends.

Even when you had been played out by your so call friends, dun be mad at them, because it is their lost not your lost.5. Protect yourself - Do no harm to others, but you must also learn to protect yourself.

Be it emotionally or physically. Learn from your failures as it will help you to be stronger. Protect yourself implies that you must know when to put up your guard and when to let it down and these are things which will come from good and bad experiences learned.6. Look Inwards - Happy or sad it's just a state of mind. No one other than yourself can get yourself out of feeling down or bad.

All it takes is for you to change your mindset. You will succeed in affecting change only when you want it bad enough.7.

Think Positively - Not everyday can be a happy day. So when things gets you down, don't take it out on others or on yourself. Because tomorrow will be another day. Yesterday has gone. Your positivity will attracts positive things.8.

Manage Your Expectations - When you do something, always manage your expectations. If good things happens, its because of the effort you put in. Even if good things didn't happen, it's ok too.

Just do better next time. The bigger the expectation, the greater the disappointment. Sometimes, its not the end result but the process that helps you to grow.9. Manage your Emotions - We all have feelings, things which happened can affect us, but if you look at it from different perspectives, you will be surprised how it can help you see things in a different light and maybe even understand things better.10. Learn from Experience - The more things we experience, the better we are when we do it the next time round and the wiser we will become with each experience learned.11. Embrace Challenges - Don't run away from it or avoid it, embrace it. Sometimes, these challenges are there so that we can learn about our strengths and weaknesses.

Once we had overcome the challenges, we can conquer our weakness. Even if we fail, it means we need to look at our weaknesses and put in more effort to be better next time round.12.

What Defines You - You are defined by who you are as a person and not by material things or your physical outlook. People like you because of your personality, character and all those internal traits, not your physical appearance nor your financial status. But that does not mean you neglect your external appearance, although they are of secondary importance.13. Treat Yourself Well - Treat others good but also treat yourself better.

I am not asking you to be selfish or self centered. What I am saying is don't be too hard on yourself when we fail sometimes, because failure is part and parcel of life. You owe it to yourself to treat yourself better and pick yourself up when you are down and move on from the failure.14. Be Thankful and Count Your Blessing - Life have lots of ups and downs, there will be people whom will cross path which will change your life and or unpleasant things happened, but it helped you to grow to be a better person or effect you enough to be stronger and wiser.

Always be thankful to those who helped you grow and always count your blessing that you are safe and healthy. It has been almost close to 10 month with my boy. We are still going strong and thing are looking good that we will be celebrating our 1st anniversary together come August.I must really be a luck guy to be blessed and I am counting my blessing. I am not the most romantic guy, but he gets the little things I do and appreciate me for that.

That, I am thankful.I am not the type that will say mushy stuff or text mushy stuff but I show him that I care in making sure that things that needs to be taken care of or done will be taken care of and done. No need for sweet words just to sound sweet.I had told him that I am blessed and he gets what I mean and he tells me that he felt safe and secure when he is with me. Although in the beginning, he did come off as a tag too sticky, he had understand and knows that I do need my space and will leave me to do my things when I have to.What more can I asked for? I am happy and contented and I count my blessings that I am blessed and life is great! I had just passed my 50th birthday few days ago and I can say that life have been good to me.

Work life have been good and most importantly, love life is just as good. This 50 year old uncle is still able to attract guys half my age. Am I lucky or what? He he he.We met on Growlr. It was he who text me. I rarely meet up with guys from gay apps. I prefers to go sauna as it would be more direct.

If I like someone in the sauna, just pull them into the room and fuck the shit out of them and then part ways. Less complicated.After I ended my fourth relationship three years ago, I am just so jaded to get into another. That said, I do miss having someone around and would occasionally long for some good company, but I have no intention to stat a relationship or lead people on. So when I meet people up, I would prefer that its No String Attached (NSA) fun and are weary with people who are looking for more than just fun.When I meet up with people from gay apps, I usually never have any expectations, because you never know how truthful these people are with their pics and stats. So I would arrange to meet for coffee first to see if we are each others' type. If we like what we see, we can proceed further, but if we don't like what we see, we can always tell each other that we can't proceed further.We met and he was exactly who he is on the apps. Fallout 4 visible weapons part 2. I am a sucker for young sunshine guys and he is exactly the type I like.

So after our drink, I asked him to follow me home. He later that he told me that when I asked him to go back with me, he had a hard on all the throughout journey from the interchange to my place. Hehehe, young guys are so full of energy.Although he was from the country up north, he looks fit even though he did not go through NS. He did make an effort to workout in the gym. When I peel off his shirt I can see that he was rather hairy. I hardly see lean young guys that are hairy. I am loving it!

He has a nice set of trails running from his abs to his groin. It is such a turn on for me. I am a sucker for guy with nice butt and most importantly I am super turn on by guys with fine hair on their butts.

He has the nicest butt with the nicest fine hair on it. Many Japs has hairy legs and butts but it is rare to find that on Chinese guys.

The last person that had nice hairy butt was my 2nd ex-bf; and now, him. I was really turned on, so I did my best to perform in bed and he did not disappoint me either, we were very compatible. I had a great time and from the looks on his face, he too.:)After sex, he went on to talk about his past. I listen in earnest.

I realised how smart and mature he is for someone his age, he is just 23. He stayed over that nite and chatted till the wee hours. It's always nice to share my bed with another warm body, more so when he is someone I like. He hugged me to sleep the whole night so I didn't really sleep as I am still getting use to having someone sleeping next to me.

But I am not complaining and are enjoying the extra company.We had sex again in the morning, but it was purely driven by the attraction we had for each other. We had to make it a quickie as he had to get to work. After he left, I realised that he had left his watch behind.After that night, he keeps texting me saying that he misses me. I am not a guy who likes to spend time texting as I feel it is a waste of time.

Boy Next Door Gachi

Ryan Guzman

I rather call and chat and relate a message, but somehow, young guys love to text. At one stage, I had to ask him to stop the to and fro texting. Oh well, I just need to learn to accept that this is part and parcel of being with a younger guy and this is how they communicate nowadays.I wasn't expecting much and didn't want to just jump into anything in haste, but somehow this cute guy is wasting no time in wanting to meet me and letting me know he misses me. So I arranged for dinner the next week after we first met. I also took the opportunity to return his watch to him.

That night, he stayed over at my place again and over the next few weeks, our meetings became more frequent.Since he started work in Sg just over a year, he says that he does not have many friends and prefer to spend most of his time with me. I told him that I wanted him to put more focus on his career since as he is new on the job. I also told him that work has to be his priorities and not a relationship. Without work, he can't even stay in Sg.It's has been a month plus since then and I am growing fond of him and he is still crazy about me. He just love to hug, kiss, cuddle and of course have sex with me.

I am glad that I am still able to match this young guy's energy level in bed, but for sure, his recovery is much faster than me and can get hard really fast even after we just had sex. He love to see my expression when I am enjoying myself with him and I love to hear and see his expression when I make wild passionate love to him.I am not rushing and are taking my time and see how things would go after the 'honeymoon' period is over, but in the mean time, I am a lucky man and life have been good to me. I just have to count my blessing with every passing day.He is sleeping next to me as I am typing out this.:). How do you feel when you can tell your school day crush that he was your childhood crush? I met up with my long lost schoolmate after like 30+ years recently.He was my primary school classmate.

To me, he was the best looking guy in class. During that time, I didn't know I had a crush on him until we left our school to move on to secondary. We went to different school, but as my secondary school was near his home, I frequent his home often just to see him. I even stayed on for dinner with his family at times.


I didn't know I had a crush on him until much later and I am still not sure why I keep wanting to see him back then.Fast forward, present day. He didn't change much. His signature hairstyle, boy-next-door look and smile are still what I remembered, except much older. He is straight by the way and married.We had a great time catching up with each other and from our conversation, I found him to be very open and non-judgmental. Somewhere during our conversation, he told me that one of his friend from his uni intro his partner to him and I took the opportunity and came out to him.I am not usually the type who would just come out to people, but I am glad I did as I just want to be honest with him, as he me.

We talked quite a fair bit about our personal lives and stuff and incidents and people of yesteryear.I am sure we will keep in touch and hopeful build upon our friendship as we had lost touch for so many years.