Cannot Load Multi Data Because It Is Corrupted

Total Size x 20 + 5 GBs (For Collaboration for Revit models multiple by 3, i.e., Total Size x 20 x 3, before adding the 5 GBs.) To ensure there is no bad data in the Temp folder, and possibly free up significant hard disk space, delete all items currently in the Temp folder. The Windows registry may become corrupted because of many different reasons, including but not limited to virus attacks, power outages, disk write errors, or mistakes made by the user while configuring the registry manually. Fixing “ WINDOWS SYSTEM32 CONFIG SYSTEM is missing or corrupt” on Windows. Windows Setup CD/DVD Required!

After toying around with TES5Edit, load order, BOSS, and my mods, I have reason to believe that my save games are corrupted. I've had problems with it loading in the past but have always found a way to load it usually via loading an earlier save, getting in game, then successfully loading the desired save game. However, I have not been able to load ANY of my 200+ save games (all for one character).

I concluded that none of them work after trying to load my most recent saves and saves that have previously loaded successfully (which is quite a number) even though I have not tried to load all 200+ of them.I recently deleted mods to lighten the stress on my game, created a new game, and went from there successfully. My question is this: is there a way to fix my corrupted saves? I know there are a couple of tools out there that help sort save games, but I do not know which is right for my problem.Suggestions?. There is no way to fix a corrupted save.Skse has a line you can add to avoid some script bloating, that is the closest you will get. Other save game 'fixes' will introduce more instability into your can try them but Personally I do not recommend them.However, to greatly decrease the problem in the future, you can:1. Disable auto saves and quick saves.


There is a mod somewhere that binds the complete save to a function key, if you need that.2. In a new game, add no mods until after Helgen, (or use an alternate start mod).

Cannot load multi data because it is corrupted omnisphereCannot Load Multi Data Because It Is Corrupted

Before making any change, read everything the mod author provides and investigate any tweak fully. Make only 1 or 2 changes at a time, run BOSS (for mods) and play for stability before adding 1 or 2 more things. If you discover a problem deal with it before continuing.3. Once you have your game set up the way you like, do not continue to add mods or tweaks (even updates) until you are ready to start a new game, or at least have made peace that your game might break.4. Play with Steam in offline mode, and avoid using the workshop to load mods (since these will update without your permission and can break games.). I'm afraid I am not an expert in this, but as I understand it:Autosaves and quick saves overwrite previous files.Every time you overwrite a file, it increases the chance of corruption. (think making a copy from a copy from a copy.though it's really a copy over a copy over a copy.) This is also why its better to make a full save in a new slot, and just delete old saves if you get too many of them.Auto and quick saves only write what has changed, not the entire file, increasing the possibility of corrupted data.In addition, autosaves may occur in the middle of a script being executed, which causes problems when you try to load the save.

Cannot Load Multi Data Because It Is Corrupted Logic

(this can happen with full saves too, but you have much more control over it.)The other benefit of making full saves is that you do end up with a savegame issue, it is easy to go back to your last full save, which should not set you too far back if you are making frequent full saves. On the other hand, if you are relying on quicksaves and auto saves, finding a working save game is likely to be much hard, and you may end up in the situation you are now.Personally, since relying on full saves only for the past year, I have had only 4 or 5 savegame problems, usually because I accidently saved in the middle of my follower dismounting or something similar. I was able to quickly backtrack and be on my way.