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Interested to hear what the community currently deem as wargear they would never get in a million years and obviously needs some love.variety is the spice of life and so with some wargear being redundant it's a shame =/ Often this is due to over nerfing or just having no love in the first place. Some war gear is good at its job but its very niche.soooo on to the war gear!.This is now updated with changes since Chaos Rising version 2.2.I'll update each wargear description based on the feedback given by the community.Note:.This is wargear that is used at a higher level of play. This is because at a lower level players do not necessarily understand what will work well and what should be avoided.SMForce CommanderFrequently used:Thunder Hammer - Effective against infantry and has a chance to knockback.With battle cry gives ae chain knockback - excellent disruption and dmg vs melee for nids orcs and eldar.Teleporter Pack - Grants the teleport ability.Very handy vs platforms and making sure he actually gets into melee without being focus fired to death running there.Armor of Alacrity - Grants the Sprint ability allowing a burst of speed. Increases health and speed of the Force Commander.Maximum Speed + 0.5Maximum Health + 100Enables Sprint: Duration = 10sec Maximum Speed Modifier = 3.Very handy for getting into combat quicker.Terminator Armor - Permanently equips the Force Commander with highly resilient Terminator armor. When equipped he loses access to his current wargear and accessories and only has access to Terminator wargear.

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Grants the Teleport ability.Since the patch is now useful and often used in Tier 3. He can now retreat while this is equipped.Lightening Claws - Equips Lightning Claws that are effective against infantry heavy infantry. They deal splash damage with each blow making them the ultimate melee upgrade.Often taken for the AE damage and huge anti infantry damage.Power Fist - Equips a slow but powerful melee weapon and grants you the Flesh Over Steel ability which stuns target vehicle. Effective against large targets and vehicles.Effective vs both infantry and vehicles though the vehicle stun is notoriously buggy.Sacred Standard - Equips the Sacred Standard which inspires nearby troops increasing their weapon damage. If the Force Commander falls in battle nearby troops will be even further inspired.Has a good radius and high dmg buff (0.4?) which should effect your troops even if your fc is in melee and your troops are firing from range. Particularly effective vs non eldar armies.Occasionally used:Chainsword and Storm Shield - Grants the Defend ability which makes nearby allies more resistant to damage.Actualy quite effective vs surpression squads in both lessening damage taken from ranged fire and with surpression immunity.Iron Halo - Allows unit to activate an energy shield that absorbs damage at the cost of Energy.He's kinda limited on energy so using this can mean no warshout/sprint or not much energy left for the shield.Power Sword - Equips a Power Sword and Plasma Pistol.

Effective against infantry. Increases the bonus allies receive from Battle Cry.Can be handy vs marines for a power weapon/early game.Never used:Artificer Armor - Grants more health and health regeneration.Maximum Health + 200Health Regeneration + 0.1.I haven't found the health regen that noticable to be honest. OrcWarboss.You can see why Warboss is rarely used when he has such a limited selection of good wargear =/.Frequently used:Boss Pole - Gives the Warboss a boss pole that keeps the boyz in line.

Provides suppression resistance and minor improved Health.Most commonly used since the nerf to trophy rack - the nice thing about this item is it buffs all ally units in a reasonable area so in 2v2/3v3 its pretty handy.Power Klaw - Effective against Vehicles and Infantry.Dmg vs infantry and vs vehicles is very good.Angry Bits - Grants the Now I'm Angry ability when triggered causes the Warboss to do more damage. The ability charges up as the Warboss takes damage.This was altered so he no longer needs to take quite as much damage (about 250 dmg and then you can trigger this to self heal 200 - reasonably fast refresh on the ability though.Occasionally used:'eavy Armor - 'eavy Armor greatly increases the health of the Warboss.Maximum Health + 900.Nice piece of wargear to make him a great tank but at this stage in the game the power is needed for other units and the other army will be ignoring or tying up the warboss making his armor irrelevant. Maybe if it was moved to tier 2.Trophy Rack - Gives the Warboss a trophy rack that weakens nearby enemy units causing them to do less damage.Used to be the default wargear for the warboss but was then nerfed and now not used very often. Though to be honest warboss in high ts matches is so incredibly rare who knows.Bang Bang Hammer - Gives the Warboss a hammer. On a successful melee hit nearby allies are thrown into an enraged state increasing their damage.In theory very nice stacking buff proc from the hammer that could make 3 slugga squads fight like there was 5 of them however unfortunately it knocks down his own squad members!! This needs fixing!.Spiky Armor - Damages enemies that hit the Warboss in melee.

Increases health of the Warboss.Maximum Health + 200Target Damage When Hit by Melee = 6Damage Radius = 3Damage Type = piercing.In theory gives a nice bit of dmg against melee blobs like orcs and nids - unfortunately you don't see as many horms and sluggas these days as termies and shoota boyz and higher skill level players won't be engaging the warboss anyway. Would work great however if it gave him a TAUNT ability!.Never used:Cyborg Implants - Grants Big Stomp that stuns enemies. This ability can only be used after the Warboss has received enough damage. Increases health of the Warboss.Maximum Health + 100.The warboss needs to receive about 500dmg before this triggers and often he'll die before the ability even goes off. To make matters worse - if you use angry bits it actually DECHARGES the ability the amount that is healed, denying a possible useful combo - how daft =/.Enhanced Custom Shooter - Give the Warboss an enhanced kustom shoota.

Effective versus infantry and grants the Shoot 'em Good ability.He is a melee hero and this improves his ranged dmg but lowers his default melee dmg. If you find yourself choosing this wargear it begs the question why you are using warboss. Maybe if shootem good caused some surpression after the knock down it could see some use in allowing you to run into melee while they are on their asses.MekboyFrequently used:Battery Pack - Grants the 'Ave A Taste ability which allows the Mek to give Energy and Health to friendly units.Brilliant ability as it not only works on units such as nobs, its available in Tier 1 however it now longer works on vehicles!.Deffgun - Equips the Mek with a Deffgun.

Effective against infantry.Awesome weapon vs infantry blobs and combined with teleport is very handy.Electric Armor - Grants the Electric Shock ability which damages nearby units when activated. Increases health of the Mekboy.Maximum Health + 200.Very nice vs any low hp units or blobs - effective vs nids, orcs and even eldar and carries on doing dmg to fleeing units aswell.Proximity Mines - Grants the ability to throw proximity mines.Very handy - even though they have been nerfed dmg wise they cause surpression and can be very nice at preventing flanks, in defense or just chucking them everywhere to be a pain in the ass.Occasionally used:Beamy Deffgun - Equips the Mekboy with a Beamy Deffgun. Effective against vehicles and large targets.His only option for AV and works well if you can get used to setting up your weapon and then porting into range of the vehicle though usually his Deffgun is so useful most players won't give it up for this.Mega-Rumblah - Grants the Mega-Rumblah ability which knocks down and stuns enemies around the Mekboy when triggered.Tends to be used to rape gen farms as it will destroy all gens and upgrades in a matter of seconds.Kustom Force Field - Gives the Mek a force field. The force field absorbs damage at the cost of energy and can be Overcharged.Very nice ability in that afteer the shield has absorbed about 60energy worth of dmg you can activate overcharge - this makes him immune to melee and resistant to ranged dmg and lasts an awesome 20secs. You can turn off the shield while overcharge is active to get some energy back - run into any forces to knock them flying!.Supa Tuff Beam - Grant the Supa Tuff Beam ability.

Version It was created by at and published its first game in the series in 1989. The current SimCity logo.The SimCity series is a video game series dedicated to open-ended.

This ability allows the Mek to target a unit with its beam making it invincible while beam is activated.Pretty pricey at 60 power but can be nice when used on nobs. Drains 3energy a second and can be used from half the screen away. Shame it doesn't work on vehicles.Never used:Mek Boy has lots of useful and creative wargear.Kommando NobFrequently used:Rokkit Launcher - The Rokkit Launcha is effective against vehicles. Grants the Right in me Crosshairs ability.Still does fair damage and can be a handy AV weapon as he can usually sneak to spots for rear armor hits.Speshul Shoota - Close-range Shotgun effective against infantry.

Dawn Of War 2 Torrent

Also grants the High Explosive Shells ability.Very effective vs any low hp units - melee or ranged blobs of nids/orcs and eldar using the High Explosive shells ability. The standard shot is another one of those weapons that will continually chain knockback heros.StikkBombz - Grants Stikkbomb ability an effective anti-infantry grenade.As it says very handy vs any infantry and platforms.Extra Equipment - Gives the Kommando some backup ammo and supplies increasing his Energy and Health.Health Regen Rate + 0.5Maximum Health + 200Maximum Energy + 75.Very handy to have the extra energy and hit points. This is a must have.Occasionally used:Booby Traps: Plant an explosive which can be triggered remotely deals large damage to all targets in blast radius.These do about 150dmg or so - useful vs low hp units like nids but because they have to be manually triggered they aren't that great to use. Would expect them to do more dmg given the manual activatory nature. For taking down buildings though they could be very handy as they do 1650dmg to a building!.Assashun's Knife - Close combat weapon that grants the Assassinate ability.In theory very effective at killing Space Marines or taking out that vital nid warrior that will cause a synapse backlash but has major bugs with trying to hit anything moving and will still use up the energy. Does about 300dmg if you do manage to land it but means he has no gun as he loses his default shoota so is not worth the trade off.

Possible fix - Increase range of assassinate or speed up animation.Never used:Boom Time - Drop a stun grenade when the Kommando retreats. Increases health of the Kommando.Maximum Health + 100.Doesn't give a particularly large amount of health and the stun doesn't last for that long. If you are taking this you probably aren't using the kommando effectively.Improved Camouflage - Removes the energy drain from the Kommando's Infiltration ability.Maximum Health + 50.At 35 energy and at Tier 2 - gives less hp than the T1 armor that gives enough energy to do all the stealth you need anyway this is a useless wargear.

Maybe they could make it so you could invis even when running from someone meleeing you could make this useful.Kaboom - Trigger a massive explosion right under Kommando's feet killing nearby foes and sending him flying (and severely damaged).Not really worth the cost and giving up stickbombs. Only useful if you are playing a noob who has blobbed a huge amount of low hp units and runs them at your kommando in Tier 2/3 or sees you running towards them and doesn't think to check your wargear. Interestingly does 100dmg to vehicles but will throw walkers across the map in the blast!

(no effect on tanks bar the 100dmg).This post has been edited by UKTyrant: Apr 14 2010, 12:03 PM. TyranidHive TyrantFrequently used:Extended Carapace - Grants health and the Charge ability.Maximum Health + 200.Nice health boost and very handy charge to get into combat and disrupt platforms.Bonded Exoskeleton - Grants the Invulnerability ability allowing the Hive Tyrant to be invulnerable for a limited amount of time.

Also increases the Hive Tyrant's overall health.Maximum Health + 300.Very useful for capping points and in 2v2/3v3 matches to lead a charge into an entrenched enemy position with invulnerability.Improved Synapse Improves the health of the Hive Tyrant and nearby friendly units.Maximum Health + 150.Quite pricey at 40 power but very nice for buffing gaunts, warriors and now carnifexes once again.Psychic Scream - Grants the Hive Tyrant the Psychic Scream Ability. Enemy units caught in its area of effect do less damage.Used a great deal to lower the damage of blobs of opponents - decent area of effect.Rending Talons - Increases the Hive Tyrant's offensive power. Also grants the Seismic Roar ability.Useful vs low hp melee blobs though unfortunately it does tend to knock them out of the dmg it is putting down. Nice in combination with some ranged dmg being put on the enemy melee while they are down.Venom Cannon - Ranged weapon effective against infantry and vehicles.No longer that effective vs infantry but does decent enough damage to vehicles.Crushing Claw - Grants a high damage claw that is effective against vehicles.Now has had its damage buffed to make it a powerful anti infantry/anti vehicle upgrade.Occasionally used:Warp Field - Grants the Warp Field ability to the Hive Tyrant. While active damage received drains Energy instead of Health.With so many other activatable abilities you may find this wargear useless. Would need to be paired with improved synapse as the other armors will use too much energy.Never used:Bio-Plasma - Grants the Hive Tyrant the Bio-Plasma ability a powerful blast of area of effect damage.Since the nerf to the amount of area it effects and the probability of it missing its target this has been nerfed into uselessness. Return it to a slightly larger area of effect.Ravener AlphaFrequently used:Burrow Trap - Grants the Ravener Alpha the ability to place Burrow Traps that stun and damage enemy units who walk over them.Hugely powerful ability that not only does very nice damage to low hp units such as nids/orc it also stuns for a decent duration and auto triggers.

They are set up very quickly and activate themselves fast. Thought to be OP by most this is a must have.Corrosive Devourer - Gives the Ravener Alpha the Corrosive Shots ability which is effective against vehicles.Increases the Ravener's ranged damage.With raveners mobility the corrosive devourer can take out a tank very fast with a few shots from behind.Hardened Carapace - Allows the Ravener Alpha to burrow. Increases Health of the Ravener Alpha.Maximum Health + 100.Can be handy vs those races with less easy to aquire seeinvis (e.g. Eldar or maybe space marine if scout squad wiped.Reinforced Chitin - Slows units around the Ravener when the Ravener is hit by melee attacks. Increases health of the Ravener Alpha.Maximum Health + 200.Nice health buff and handy armor for keeping melee units off the ravener's back.Synapse Aura - Improves damage of units close to Ravener Alpha.can be used effectively in combination with ranged blobs.Occasionally used:Never used:Acid Splatter - Gives the Ravener Alpha's melee attacks Acid Splatter causing damage to nearby units.Ravener isn't really built for melee though this would be best against low hp units such as nids/orcsRegenerate - Gives the Ravener Alpha a chance to revive after it has fallen unconscious.

Increases health of the Ravener Alpha.Maximum Health + 200.Revive isn't particularly useful as if you die you probably will be corpse camped. The health buff is nice but reinforced chitin is 20 power as opposed to this 40 with same health buff and its available in T1. The melee snare is more useful than the auto revive any way. ChaosChaos LordFrequently used:Armor of the Inferno - Increases the health and health regeneration of the Chaos Lord and grants the Let the Galaxy Burn! Ability.Maximum Health + 200Health Regeneration + 0.1.Very nice hp boost but the ability of this armor is godly. Huge damage and knockback in a huge area of effect.

Unbelievably powerful and overpowered in my mind (compare it to Hive Tyrants Bio-Plasma!).Blood Maul - Huge two-handed weapon deals heavy damage to infantry. Grants the Sweeping Doom ability.gives him another area effect knockback ability. Decent area effect damage, can be useful as a disrupter.Combi-Flamer - Bolter ranged weapon with underslung flamer; grants the Immolate ability.Gives him some very nice damage dealing and counters garrisoned units, though it's damage vs gen is not up to the standard of other flamer weapons.Icon of Khorne - Gains 1% health when attacked (per attack).Usually used with claws so he has a high attack speed.Lightening Claws - Paired claws capable of heavily damaging all targets. You're way off on Sacred Standard never being used. You do realize that the buff isn't only when the FC dies, right? It's a bit better when he's dead, but it's still something like a constant 1.3x damage buff to your whole army while he's alive.

Certainly not useless.Yes, but explain why its better to get a Sacred Standard VS Iron Halo or Teleporter Pack? Answer, its not! You have a global power that does the same thing as the standard, if you give your FC the Standard upgrade you've gimped him into being a ranged support unit as opposed to a melee killing machine as he was designed to be.@ UK tyrant, really nice work, i look forward to seeing the Ork and Nid section.This post has been edited by Bigwig: Feb 16 2010, 13:55 PM. A lot of good stuff but I have to disagree with a number of them. Though, I've been out of the 1.9 in-game loop (still watch replays), so I could be way off on a number of these. Maybe some expert player has a niche use for them.Sacred Standard - Occasionally/FrequentlyIf you didn't get a TP Pack (i.e. You got Alacrity) and you're T3, this is practically a sure-buy.

+25% damage to all Infantry in a very generous radius. Its not only when he dies.Purification Vials - Occasionally/NeverNever seen these or bought them myself since Flame Resist Armor showed up (the green goo is Flame damage). You can throw them at your own troops stuck in a melee, but at that point you're better off with Purification Rites instead. Melee troops resist and ranged troops can't be hit dependably?

Not seeing the use.Artificer Armor - Frequent/OccasionallyI'm tempted to say this should go to Frequent because I see it a lot against Eldar and SM. The regen lets the TM take on Guardians and TAC squads without ever losing on field presence, and well-placed Mines can be even more deadly than the Bionic Sweep. I see it just as much as Bionics imo.Providence - Occasionally/NeverSimply too expensive for something so easily dodged in a 1 v 1. Maybe in team games?

I've never seen this since 1.3.Witchblade of Kurnous - OccasionallyImmolator is better for-sure damage, and Merciless Witchblade is better in dedicated matchups like against SM Apothecaries. Maybe people get it against extremely melee-heavy Nids or Orks, but Immolator seems to perform just as well, and more dependably, in those situations.Beamy Deffgun - OccasionallyYou're better off with regular AV so the Mek can stay with his Deffgun.

He offers something unique over Lootas (Teleport), but that it isn't as useful with the Beamy.Proximity Mines - OccasionallyJust because the Mek has good wargear doesn't mean it actually sees use. The only 'Frequently' used Mekboy gear I see are the Deffgun and Battery Pack. Most of the rest are great choices, they just don't get chosen. Maybe, like you said, there are some experts who put them to good and frequent use, I just haven't seen any in replays of late.

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Dawn Of War 2 Console Command List

Which is a shame, Mekboy Mines are pretty much a guaranteed kill against Vehicles that hit them if you have AV within a screen and a half.Kustum Force Field - OccasionallyNever see it. Usually saving Energy for Battery Pack/Teleport.

Still a solid choice, but see above.Megah-Rumblah - OccasionallyProhibitively expensive in a 1 v 1 most of the time, though if you're talking about team games I can definitely see this as a Frequent choice.Assashun's Knife - OccasionallyIts another good weapon but its overshadowed. His starting gun is amazing, usually I see people hold off with that until the Shotgun/Rokkit Launcher are needed.Bonded Exoskeleton - OccasionallyComes with a huge 'Kite Me' symbol. So much more guaranteed use out of Extended/Improved Synapse.Deadly Jump - FrequentlyI don't see Adrenal Glands as much, usually because you want this baby.

Its Teleport with Knockdown in a sizeable radius.Corrosive Claw - OccasionallyOne of the better Infiltration Claws, but.its an Infiltration Claw. Detectors everywhere, Feeder Tendrils are a more dependable choice 85% of the time.

Another 10% I'd choose Scything.Lone Hunter - Never UsedIts the age of the blob. If you aren't supporting yours, that means you're running into his. And Lone Hunter won't keep you alive against all that. Not worth the cost.Toxin Sacs - Never UsedAgain, the detector thing, being overshadowed not only by Feeder Tendrils, but by either of the other Infiltration Claws as well. Its a hero-killer wargear, but Scything Talons takes him out of the fight just as well and Corrosive Claws let you kill him faster.

The difficulty with the list is whether youre simply looking at the wargear or if youre looking at it in conjunction with the hero or even if youre looking at it with the current metagame.Spikey Armor, for instance, is objectively good: 200 health is nice, damage is good and its T1. However, in the current metagame its useless; nobody melees a Warboss if their TS is over 20. Some people buy it simply for the health buff, but otherwise the spikeyness of Spikey Armor is fairly unheard of. Same thing with Eavy Armor: great on paper, but at T3 you could use that power to, say, upgrade Nob squads or get a tank rather than upgrade that waddling joke to take a few more seconds of FF (T3 FF as well, which is I find ironically scales with Eavy Armor's bonus) before retreating or dying.Just my two cents.

While I haven't played around with the console, many consoles either in games, network devices, servers, command line and so forth have built in help for beginners and experienced users.Cisco/netgear/Brand plug routers and switches for instance uses the? For help with specific commands.Command line on windows is /? For syntax help or simply typing 'help' will give you a list of commands (but not the entire library) that you can use from the very first time that you open the window.There's also the tab key when you get somewhat experienced with commands, which does auto fill for you given you've done the right syntax.In terms of the middle of the game I have a feeling that commands will be limited to non existent for obvious reasons. I always wondered that myself if you could remove the FoW during the middle of a FFA or that a feature could be added in to remove it from the very start of the game.

Not that I'm making a feature request or anything of the sort. That would be a lot of fun being able to see all the battles and backstabs that were happening rather than sitting in your base and just listening through it all.