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EBS TV Sunday With EBS Tokichaw Chambulo Live PerformanceGurshaPlus is The Best Ethiopian media and entertainment. It is one of the best sites in Ethiopia, We provide Ethiopians with multidimensional access to the entertainment and information that matters to you. GurshaPlus is a non-political source for videos of Ethiopian news, dramas, and music.

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The news, dramas, and entertainment presented on GurshaPlus come from a wide variety of sources.GurshaPlus has particularly proven its value when it comes to keeping the worldwide Ethiopian Diaspora connected to their home country. In many parts of the world Ethiopians do not have direct access to Ethiopian news and entertainment, therefore, GurshaPlus becomes their primary source for these. For this reason GurshaPlus is The Best Ethiopian websites on the internet.Suggested ArticlePost your comment.

Anonymoussaid.hay the voice and the movement is not the same why?? If u guys can u fix this problem thanksNIBRET YIRSAWsaid.THE INSTITUTION SHOULD BE EXPECTED WORK MORE THAN CURRENTLY EXISTING LIABILITY,WITHOUT BIAS THE POWER.Anonymoussaid.Anonymous Quit hatting you should try to help instead of being negative.Anonymoussaid.Today is not my day.

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We miss prime meles zenaw. God bless prim minster!!Anonymoussaid.i wish his family's and Ethiopian people condolences and May GOD put our greatest leader's soul in heaven.his whole life he fight for us to make Ethiopia a better living place,a place of peace,rest. But he didn't get a chance to enjoy any of this. We miss our greatest leader love. Tear R.I.PAnonymoussaid.batam yasazenan jagna yamimot ayimaslangim nabar nabsihin yimaraw ingi lela min ilalawAnonymoussaid.Yemaymot sew new yemotew, gin beamlak sera aygebam amlak nefsun begenet endiyanorew metseley becha newHailu Ayalewsaid.Hailu Ayalew/Bahir dar/I heard the bad news that broken my heart. We miss the brave and proud of us,even for all Africans, prime minister Meles Zenawi.

But I feel good for the ceremony which held yesterday. The burial ceremony should also be show his brevity & loved by his people. We should also take double commitment for the plan of our brave Meles Zenawi.Anonymoussaid.i really never see leader in Africa like Meles Zenawi. It is heart broken news for all Ethiopian people.

He has a grate visions for the country.Wednesday 8/22/12Anonymoussaid.oooooooooo my god i don't believe this until now.we lost him really?Anonymoussaid.Anonymous said.You guys at the diaspora!!! Shut up your mouth. We Ethiopian's miss our great leader.

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You don't even manage to lead one family forget a county. It is not as simple as eating burger and standing at the parking lot. It goes far far beyond that. You may have seen how the Ethiopian people were in heavy grief to receive the body of the premier. What do u say now. Do you think all those people were paid to come out and cry.

Ebs Tv Live Amharic

Please Ethiopia do not want your leap service. STOP mentioning bad things about Ethiopia. Just continue your bored and monotonous life.Anonymoussaid.Nation first.personality second!!!!!!!!Anonymoussaid.Zim.,Anonymoussaid.good funeral ceremony for great nation leader,he was great leader but the mourning was above was he was done any ways we have done what we feel.Anonymoussaid.Pm.