Evga Gtx 1060 Sc Replacement Fan

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  1. Evga Gtx 1060 Sc Replacement Fan Replacement
  2. Evga Gtx 1060 Sc Replacement Fan Repair

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Duplicate news content will be removed. FollowRelated Subreddits. Hmm, I'll give you mine.25% to 40.Next point set at 35% at 58.Then 55% at 68. This is a bit steep.70% at 80.100% at 88.I don't think I've ever seen it go over around 65 degrees though, at full load.I made this fan curve custom for my own purposes and for my own card.

I do not remember why I did it this way, but I know that was the best for me and how the fan would ramp up and at what points. Theoretically each card is different and people have different tolerances and goals. If you're lucky, that works out perfectly for you too.Truthfully you probably don't need the base 25% I have set, especially when the card ramps down. To be honest the default curve is fine. Sure it idles a bit on the warm side I think around 45-50 or so if I'm not mistaken, but it's not a huge deal. On load it only reaches 70-71 during reasonable ambients and gaming in a 90f/32c room the highest I've see it get is like 76-77.

Evga Gtx 1060 Sc Replacement Fan

So it runs cool. Way cooler than Fermi ever did. I remember having a 580 and having it get up to 87 playing crysis 2. I brought it down to 70 with an EXTREMELY aggressive curve. This little thing runs so cool in comparison and it does so out of the box.I wouldn't even touch it. Just let it do its thing. Why don't you just find the best fan curve on your own?

Evga Gtx 1060 Sc Replacement Fan Replacement

You've already figured out what temps you are looking for so you just need to set the fan to something reasonable like 80%, then load up a game/stress test and see the temps and then increase or decrease the fan speed as needed. Then do the same for your idle speed, and then you can either make a super simple fan curve with 2 points at the lowest and highest fan speeds you found, and optionally add a few points in between so it ramps up more aggressively near the end of the curve. In the 570's case, the fan didn't kill the card, it was faulty VRAM. The fan itself was working fine last I checked for when I was doing a 3DMark test and monitoring it with GPU-Z the temps went up to 65C at 54% Fan Speed.I don't have a 100+Hz monitor, I have a 60hz monitor, so odds are that temps would probably be on the lower end of the average with the 1060.Anyways, I'll probably run something like the FFXV Benchmark, see what temps and fan speeds I get running that and if they're not to my liking, I'll probably go ahead and use MSI afterburner to change the fan curve to something more to my liking.

Evga Gtx 1060 Sc Replacement Fan Repair

30degrees = 40%50degrees = 50%60degrees = 60%75degrees = 75%I got my 1060 3GB non SC earlier this week and found the temperatures going up into the higher end of 60 degrees and even hitting 80 briefly. It was fine, but I wanted it lower.Anyway this fan curve has been pretty good for me, probably needs to be tweaked further and this all largely depends on your case cooling and the noise you can deal with, my case has a pretty decent airflow and blocks noise well so Idk how well it'd do in someone elses case.