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(Guide) How to Mod Fallout 4 on Xbox One Link your Bethesda Account to your Xbox: After completing the steps mentioned above. Finding & Downloading Mods: Once you have created the Bethesda account and linked to your Xbox. Enable or Disable the Mod after using: Download mods make a list. If you continue to use our website, we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies. Our Cookie Policy has further details. Please select your.

Credits and distribution permission. Other user's assets Some assets in this file belong to other authors. Main Repack 1k-2k:- Changed name to Main Repack - Balanced Overhaul - FomodMain Repack 4k- Now integrated in the new Quality Overhaul, ensuring everything is optimized but at the highest quality and amount. Also fixed some 2k textures being in the 4k one.Performance Addon:- Changed name to Optional Repack - Performance OverhaulQuality Addon:- Changed Name to Optional Repack - Quality Overhaul and now integrates all best highest quality textures available on nexus.Step 1 has been rewritten to fit the latest updates as above.BRB ENB:- Now you can have a WIP Preview of it both in step 0 and under the file in the files section, with 1080p gif taken with the whole modlist up to date and enb up to date. Fixed Institute interior and overbright horizon during the day.

Version. BRB ENB:- Fixed Birightness in some places. Reworked Completely the Day/Night Cycles and balanced all better. Improved interiors and lighting drastically and Improved Depth of field and Bloom.Mods Added:Step 2: Workshop FrameworkStep 6: Lore-Based Power Armor ChangesMods Removed:Step 4: AKM, Sig Sauer P220, Ots-33 Pernach, RU556, Steyr AUG A1, Visible Weapons Extended (I'm gonna rework this side of weapons mods with better and more enjoyable options.Step 8: Attackers - Get off my build zone (Replaced by recently added mods). Version.

BRB ENB:- Updated with latest ENB features, tweaked Day/Night Cycle both in Exteriors and Interiors, tweaked bloom, adpatation, ssao, water features and reflection features. Also made sun feeling bigger instead of a little ball.- Be Sure to update the Enb binaries to the latest 0.385+ to have the latest features enabled.Merged Mods - Visual:- Integrated the Blood Screen Retexture from Enhanced Blood Textures, no more bothering blurry vanilla blood screen.- Removed Calamity Weathers Interiors as ENB now does similar but more balanced for everyone without it. Version. Just 205 mod pages out of 28.3k reached such a prestigious achievement and this is one of them -Requirements- + or - ( NO High Quality Textures DLC) - To disable that DLC you just unselect it from the Steam library page.Suggestions ( Read at least Once).

Start with a clean Fallout 4 installation (So delete all mods you had, the Documents/My Games/Fallout4 folder and verify files with steam). It's recommended that Fallout 4 is not installed inside one of the two ProgramFiles folders. Open the game at least once and when on main menu close the game. Then go to Fallout 4/Data folder and delete all cc files.- Download and Install it.1.You must choose only one manager between Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer 2 and that's completely up to you. Even if I consider Nexus Mod Manager a must to be used for fallout 4 and many other games, i even gave proper guidance for Mod Organizer 2 users, as i know you are a lot using it and i wanted to help you aswell. If you can, just use Nexus Mod Manager.-Download the Nexus.Mod.Manager-0.70.8.exe right below the latest release and run it and follow the installer. When you finish installing it, launch it and wait for it to search your games, then select all green ticks in all games you see that.

Then click ok and select Fallout 4. In the opening Windows just click ok or yes. Then on the lower left corner select the Red Minion Icon and Authorize your Nexus Site account. Always run the program with administrator and download all mods with manager other than if i say different or if the option is not available.-Almost the Whole Guide process is the same as in Nexus Mod Manager but a few things, don't worry tough, you'll find proper MO2 guidance aswell when needed and shown as following MO2 Users., otherwise just do as it says.Create a Folder Named Mod Organizer 2 inside the same Drive where Fallout 4 is installed, then Download the Mod Organizer 2 (Archive) main file and open it. Extract all content to the Mod Organizer 2 created folder and run ModOrganizer.exe file. In the Choose an Instance popup window Select Portable, in the next popup window from the drop-down menu Select Fallout 4, in the next Tutorial popup window Select No and in the last Nxm Links Association popup window Select Yes.Now From the toolbar Select the SpannerScrewdriver icon and on the General Tab check Compact Download Interface, on the Paths Tab, if you installed MO2 on SSD and you are short on space, first create a folder named Fallout 4 Mod Downloads, and change the Downloads folder in the Paths Tab to the one you just created. Now Click Ok and if it asks to restart MO2 do it.Again from the Toolbar Select the ID Icon and Select Copy, here write BiRaitBec ModList as the name of the profile and select Ok, then close.

Under the icons you can select the profile you just created.Always run the program with administrator and download all mods with manager other than if i say different or if the option is not available. When installing the mods, if it asks to Merge or Replace just say Merge.2.-Download the 7z archive and open it.

From the f4se00617 folder you have to extract the Data folder, f4se110138.dll, f4seloader.exe and f4sesteamloader files to the Fallout 4 Main Directory folder. MO2 Users: Download the 7z archive and save it to desktop, then open it.

From the f4se00617 folder you have to extract f4se110138.dll, f4seloader.exe and f4sesteamloader files to the Fallout 4 Main Directory folder. Then move the F4SE archive you saved to the Mod Organizer 2 Download folder. In MO2 go to your download tab and double click F4SE archive and when it tells it's not packaged properly just select the arrow, right click the Data folder and Select Set data folder, then select ok.

Everytime you want to play the game, you must Launch the f4seloader.exe in your Fallout 4 Main Directory folder.To make things easier, right click on f4seloader.exe and select send to - desktop option. Now right click over the new, ugly, icon on your desktop and go to property.

In the property window select change icon, select browse and then select Fallout4.exe file in your Fallout 4 Main Directory folder.Always use the new icon on your desktop or the f4seloader.exe in your Fallout 4 Main Directory folder to launch your game.-Download the main file manually and open it. Extract the two files inside it to the Fallout 4 Main Directory folder.-Create a folder named FO4Edit in the Fallout 4 Main one, download the main file and extract all files inside it to the FO4Edit Folder you created. Now follow the next steps carefully.Run the FO4EditQuickAutoClean.exe file and once opened inside the Module Selection window Tick on the DLCRobot.esm box only and select Ok.Wait for it to finish, then when it's done you can just close the program.Do the same for the following files one at a time.DLCWorkshop01.esmDLCCoast.esmDLCWorkshop02.esmDLCWorkshop03.esmDLCNukaWorld.esm3.-NVIDIA Users Only to Improve game Performance - Click on nvidiaProfileInspector.zip and open the file, then extract the two files inside it to Desktop or anywhere you want. Also Download my from the Miscellaneous section and extract it in the same place as before. Now Run the nvidiaProfileInspector.exe file and on the Profiles search bar in the top left corner type and select Fallout 4. Between the Icons line on the Middle Top Select on the one with a green arrow pointing down, then select the Import Profile(s) option and find my profile you downloaded.Now if in the Green Bar on top of the Nvidia Inspector window the f4seloader.exe you can Apply Changes on the top right corner and close the window.

If it's not there, select on the Middle Top icon with a little green plus and find the f4selauncher.exe file that should be in your fallout 4 main folder, then Apply Changes on the top right corner and close the window.-  - Download the 0.385 file and open it. Open the Wrapper folder inside it and extract the d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler46e.dll to your Fallout 4 main folder.-Download my BRB ENB miscellaneous file and extract all files to Fallout 4 main folder.For more Quality: Open the enbseries.ini file from Fallout 4 main folder. Under the Effect tab change EnableDepthOfField=true and EnableCloudShadows at some performance costs. (3fps the depth of field and 2 fps the cloud shadows)For more Performance: Open the enbseries.ini file from Fallout 4 main folder. Under the Effect tab change EnableDetailedShadow=false for around 2 fps benefits.Sometimes the game may be affected by a common 'low-res bug' that can render some textures in really low-resolution instead of default one.

Gr quality 3gr grid 8gr scale.4gr maxcascade 2These lines modify godrays ( Similar to what, but more quality good looking and performance friendly than that)For more Quality Godrays:gr quality 3gr grid 12gr scale.4gr maxcascade 1For more Performance Godrays:gr quality 2gr grid 7gr scale.4gr maxcascade 3cl rim.002This line controls lighting on charactersetgs iTerminalDisplayRate 1200This line will make the terminals load the screen faster. (Similar to, but with no plugin)setgs fWorkshopWireMaxLength 2200This line will make power lines longer. (Similar to, but with no plugin)setgs fGunShellLifetime 150setgs fGunShellCameraDistance 12800setgs iDebrisMaxCount 375These lines will make bullets visible for long times after shooting. (Similar to but with no plugin)setgs iHoursToRespawnCell 720setgs iHoursToRespawnCellCleared 2160These lines increase lenght of area and corpses respawn time.

(Similar to but with no plugin)setgs iRemoveExcessDeadComplexCount 50setgs iRemoveExcessDeadCount 50setgs iRemoveExcessDeadComplexTotalActorCount 65setgs iRemoveExcessDeadTotalActorCount 50These lines limit the amount of dead actors in the same scene to have a more stable experience.Step 1: Textures OptimizationWhat This Step Does? In your Fallout 4Data folder you have 15.ba2 files dedicated to textures and are having a size of 17,5 gb. Normally what you do is installing textures mods as loose files or in the best case as new added.ba2 files, but these textures you are installing are even in the 15.ba2 files you yet have in Data folder, just modded. When you start installing textures, really heavy usually, or performance textures and so on, you add to the 17,5 gb of textures many more gb for the game to load, making the game extremely more unstable, heavy and slow in in-game performance and loading screen.With my method, created years and years ago for fallout 4 and Skyrim communities, i managed to make the modded textures to overwrite the files inside the vanilla.ba2 files actually replacing the vanilla textures. Thanks to this with the same setup of mods you will gain a 30% or more performance and stability compared to just installing things normally without using my modding method.Tough, doing this process required me a full week of work to be done completely, and even if the result in the beginning was impressive, i couldn't give such a process to the public and make you suffering from it.

For a lot i studied coding and made a fully functional and working installer that could have done the Whole process automatically and in just a couple of hours on weakest systems, a massive time saver compared to the raw method i used.But in the beginning of this project, even if for my standards the time saved was impressive, for many it was still tedious to download and install each single mod, possibly unpacking the.ba2 files coming with them and so on. That's where the repacks come from. They are the representation of a community of mod authors that are kindly giving permissions to let this new method be more easy to be introduced on the Whole modding scene, and I can't ever thank them enough. Today the repacks got so many mods that are the real representation of the best textures package one can get for fallout 4 currently, and that surely help on a download, install, unpack process you previously had to do and now not anymore. ATTENTION: This step takes quite a while to fully complete and can be considered optional for the execution order, so you will be able to do the following steps before this one if you prefer.If you start this step after doing at least one of the following steps, be sure to rename the Textures folder in the Fallout 4Data folder to Textures1, do sections 1, 2 and 3 of this step and then rename the Textures1 folder back to Textures.1.- Download my f ile and extract it to a drive that has a lot of free space. DO NOT put it in either Program Files or Program Files (x86) folders on your operating system drive.- Copy the Following 15 Textures.ba2 files from Fallout 4/Data folder to my WorkBase/OriginalBa2 folder.

1.- -  - Donwload the Crafting Highlight Fix file and save it, then Drag and drop it to your Mod Manager window and install it.-- - Download it from my Update Files and install it. During installer click finish or Select Custom if you prefer.-During Installer select Next and Finish.-  - During installer select Finish.- During Installer just select finish.- - During Installer Select Next and then Finish.2.-(The Looksmenu Requirement is not a real one, its abusing the nexus category just for a simple crediting, don't install it thinking it's required)-Download the first main file and install it.During the Installer, click next till on the fourth panel and select Neck and Scalp Adjustament option only. In the fifth panel select all Valkyr options, then click next and select finish.-Download the file manually and open it. Extract the folder 00 Required (Slim) to desktop and rename it as Data, then rename the CBBE.esp inside it to CBBEFix.esp.Go to the Fallout 4DataTexturesActorsCharacterbasehumanfemale folder and copy all files in there to the DesktopDataTexturesActorsCharacterCBBE folder.MO2 Users: On MO2 right-click over both CBBE and FSM Body Textures mods and Select the Open in Explorer option, and in order copy all files in both TexturesActorsCharacterbasehumanfemale folders to the DesktopDataTexturesActorsCharacterCBBE folder.Right-Click over the DesktopData folder and Select Add to Archive. Option, then rename it to CBBE Fix and Select Zip as Archive Format, then click ok and wait for it to finish. Now move the archive inside the Nexus Mod Manager Mod Organizer 2 window and install it.On Nexus Mod Manager Plugins tab move the CBBEFix.esp above the CBBE.esp one, so before it.-Download only the first main file and install it.

During the installer, on the second panel select the CBBE Patch option, then on the third panel select Finish.- Step 3: UI/HUD & Camera. 1.-Download the last optional file only and install it.-Download the optional file only and install it.-During Installer Select Next, Next, Next, CBBE Curvy + Bodyslide, Fallout 3 Style - Replacer and Finish.-Download the 0.9a main file and install it. (From the 0.9b and 0.9a there's no difference but the CBBE one comes Loose just so that you can easily use Bodyslide tool to fit the clothes to the body, but since we don't use it just go for the 0.9a that is extremely nice anyway)-Download the second main file and the armorsmith plus defui optional file. Install them in order2.-During Installer, on the second panel: Select 100% with no shadows.-During installer pick AWKCR binoculars option and standard viewfinder.Step 5: Factions. 1.-Download the 11.4c optional file and install it.-Download the AE Replacer Raider Overhaul v11.4c v4 optional file and install it.-Download the SD second main file and install it. During Installer, on the second panel select SuperMutantReduxArmorSmithExtended.esp and SueperMutantRedux VIS-G Patch plugins, then Click on Finish.2.-Download both the main and optional files.

Install them in order.-Download the first main file and first optional file. Install them in order.-Download a.ba2 main file and the update file.

Install them in order.During the first file's installer, on the first panel Select your preference. In the second panel select AWKCR + AE option.

In the third panel select Remove level Requirements. Do the same for the update file.-Download the AE VIS-G Replacer Synth Overhaul v3.0.4 optional file and install it.-Step 6: Gameplay. 1.-During Installer select Custom, then DLC, Standard (DLC), DLC, Realistic Jumping, Vanilla Laser Recoil, Vanilla Player Movement options and the Raw Input patch. 1.-Download the 2 files at the bottom of the page and open them, Create a folder on the Desktop named Data and extract both files content to it. Rename MoreHairstyles4Female.esp to MoreHairstyles4Female4.1.esp and MoreHairstyles4Male.esp to MoreHairstyles4Male3.1.esp.Now Right-Click over the just created Data folder and Select Add to archive.

Here rename it as Misc Hairstyle and change the Archive Format to Zip one and select ok. Wait for it to finish.

Now move the created Archive inside Nexus Mod Manager Mod Organizer 2 and install it.-During Installer select next till end.-Download the All in One main file and install it.-Download both files and install them.2.-  - Download it from my Update files and install it. During Installer Select Finish or Custom if you prefer it.-Download the Misc Hair (Cait with No Tattoos) optional file and install it.- only.-Download the vanilla hair main file and install it.-Download the first optional file and install it.-  - Download the Eyes of Beauty main file and install it.-  - Download the with Beard main file and install it.-Download the alternate hair optional file and install it.-Download the second main file and install it.-3.-Download the first main file and install it.Step 8: Settlements. 1.-Download and install it from my Update files. Once installed If you don't use BLD from Step 6, unselect the Patch BLD-HBT.esp plugin from the Plugins Tab in Nexus Mod Manager.-During Installer select the WET Assets With Rain and the WET Clearer (ESP) options.-Download the BETA main file and install it.-Download the second main file and install it, then Unselect the Thaylar Lighting 3.2 VTWO Patch.esp from the plugins tab in NMM or delete it from Fallout 4/Data folder.2.--Download the 1.4 old file and install it-3.-Download it from my Update files and install it. During Installer Select Finish or Custom if you prefer it.-Download and install the optional file only.-Step 10: Patches & Performance. Download the VIS-G Patches - BiRaitBec ModList - Fomod main file and install it.

Fallout 4 How To Use Mods Pc

During Installer Select Finish.-Download the AIO main file and the PaladinBaileyRedRocket optional file. Install them in order.-Download the main file and run it. During Installer select until completed, then select Fallout 4 option and unselect the View Readme. (Don't install the tool inside ProgramFiles or ProgramFiles(x86) folders).Open it and ignore the warnings if any. MO2 Users: Run Wrye Bash with MO2 Closed once, then after it opens, just close it.

You can install and play a Fallout 4 mod by following the process below:. Open Fallout 4 and select Mods from the main menu. Find the mod you wish to install.

Fallout 4 How To Use Mods

You can also add mods from the Bethesda.net site and select the 'Add to Library' option. Select the mod you wish to install and then select Download.

Fallout 4 How To Use Mods

Once installed, load an existing game or start a new one to play!In some cases you may need to ensure your mods are loading in the correct order. To do so, select Load Order from the Mods menu and set the order.Note: User experience may vary when playing with mods. If you elect to download and use mods, you do so at your own risk. Mods are 'Game Mods' as described in our Terms of Service. Your download of a Game Mod is subject to our Terms of Service, including Section 2.D.