Fallout New Vegas Adam Reborn

Jun 13, 2017  New Vegas Reborn - Mojave Encounters: This module for New Vegas Reborn adds Fallout 3 style random encounters to the Mojave. Again, while the entire overhaul is great, I do recommend only using this module for the sake of load order. Download and install.


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The Wasteland Journeyman Armor's a good one, but also looks mighty silly. Also a safe bet as the mod author has gone to great lengths to make it look and sound mod-friendly (Though, too much like the Slade from DC for my taste). You could also try Ronyn's Courier Armor, but it's too refined-looking to be lore-friendly,but with enough imagination, you could make it fit. After all, it is presented by the mod author to be the Courier's Outift from the get-go so.

+ You could try looking for a copy of The New Vegas Battle Suit as i can't just give you a direct link to it as it was taken down (and by experience, it has bad stats). Wrote: ADAM Reborn armour models are quite good for an intimidating waste lander kind of vibe. They mainly replace NCR Ranger models, but also have a couple of NCR Outcast models and things.the dot with a.I have also found this badass power armour which seems to match the feel that you're looking for.right, though it doesn't really change the NCR Veteran Ranger's Textures, just the Riot Gear and its variants from Lonesome Road, and the Outcast and Defaced Versions are really just retextured, restatted 'Black Armour' that don't have its own good parts present in the LR Riot Gears. Wrote: KCHurt 17 damn dude! I hella like that riot armor from geonox and the holster gear is pretty badass too. Ill probably rock both.

Bornagain Combat Armor

If only the holster gears had a more worn looking texture. I guess if it was found in a vault or something it would be new looking like that though. Its perfect for what im going for. I like how the holster gear isnt a full armor set cuz I can wear it with whatever.Glad I could help! Just make sure you follow the install instructions if you don't want to run into any bugs like I did. Had a difficult time getting the textures to work properly at first. Expanded Ranger Combat Armors provides 3 armors based on the Advanced and Elite Riot Gear models 2/3 of them are unfortunately Faction-locked to NCR, with 1 non-faction.

(Though honestly easy enough to switch around/re-name some meshes/textures to alter said standalone if preferred to have it based on one of the faction-locked armors).Desert Ranger Combat Armor provides darker, non-faction versions of the NCR Combat Ranger models, honestly the colors are badass on the armors.Outlaw's Armor just feels to me like one of the more underrated/under-endorsed armor mods out there. A vest armor, coat armor, and hat.Mercenary Wanderer definitely feels lore-friendly to me and is fairly easy to get to.Proton Weapons Pack expands on the Proton weapons from OWB that felt like something that should have been part of the game than just limited to axes imo.Gunslinger outfit is both lore-friendly and stylish. Heh.Rogue Scribe Armor is another one of those that feels underrated/under-endorsed imo.

I would certainly advise checking their other mods too.Metal Armor Remade makes Metal Armors great again.