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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable. First released in 2007, the game is a prequel to the 1997 video game Final Fantasy VII and is a part of the metaseries Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, which includes other products related to the original game.ALSO SEE:-The game primarily focuses on Zack Fair, a young member of the paramilitary organization SOLDIER, who is assigned to look for the missing SOLDIER Genesis Rhapsodos. As he searches for Genesis, Zack discovers Genesis' origin, Project G, and how it is related to two other high-ranking SOLDIERs; Sephiroth and Angeal Hewley. The game's storyline takes the player from the war between the megacorporation Shinra and the people of Wutai to the events in Nibelheim, ending just before the beginning of Final Fantasy VII.Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Android GameplayCrisis Core is an action role-playing game in which the player controls Zack Fair. The player moves Zack through and between open areas, allowing him to talk with non-player characters, interact with the environment, and engage monsters in battle. At save points, the player may opt to take one of the available side missions, and if so, Zack is moved to a special area to complete the mission, which usually involves defeating one or more monsters. If the mission is successfully completed, the player is rewarded with beneficial items, and often new missions become available.

Mar 24, 2008  Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a Action RPG video game published by Square Enix released on March 24, 2008 for the PlayStation Portable. Review by LeKingCarnage: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is one of the most well written and voice acted game in the Final Fantasy series.You will be put in the shoes of a SOLDIER 2nd Class, Zack Fair who. Descriptions: Square Enix is brings this role-playing game to the PSP the fourth installment in their Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series which includes the movie 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children,' the game 'Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII' for PS2, and 'Before Crisis: Final Fantasy.

Mar 24, 2019  Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII psp iso apk android for ppsspp free download working on mobile and pc,Set seven years prior to the activities of the first final myth VII, the Shinra company is unexpectedly growing its impact through its monopoly on mako strength and army might.

Whether the player is successful in the side mission or not, upon completion, Zack is returned to the save point in the main game. Crisis Core uses a real-time combat system in which the player can move Zack around, initiate attacks, special abilities and spells, use items, and block or dodge attacks. Zack's abilities in battle are set by what materia he currently has equipped. Up to six materia can be equipped at any one time, which can impart special attacks, magic spells, or passive bonuses such as health increases or the ability to display the statistics of the current foe in combat.

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Materia are gained throughout the game through exploration, as rewards from side missions, as spoils of battle, or from shops. Materia can be fused together to make more powerful versions with improved bonuses; for example, fusing an attack materia with an elemental magic materia can create a new attack skill materia that inflicts elemental magic damage in addition to physical damage. Special items collected in the game can also be used in materia fusion to further increase the materia's powerALSO SEE:-StorySOLDIERs Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley are dispatched to Wutai to support the Shinra war effort. However, during the fighting, Angeal disappears, and Zack is appointed to find both him and an already missing SOLDIER, Genesis Rhapsodos. Zack, accompanied by Tseng, finds that Genesis and Angeal have betrayed Shinra, and, as such, Zack and Sephiroth are assigned to kill them. With help from Dr.

Hollander, a scientist with a vendetta against Shinra, Genesis creates an army of clones to attack Shinra headquarters. After the forces are defeated, Zack and Sephiroth track down Hollander's secret laboratory, and learn that Hollander had used both Genesis and Angeal as part of Project G, an attempt to create soldiers infused with Jenova cells. Sephiroth faces off against Genesis, whilst Zack pursues Hollander. However, Angeal is intent on keeping Hollander alive as he wants to find a way to return to normal, and so he prevents Zack from killing the doctor by knocking Zack into the slums of Midgar.

—Tagline, a quote from.Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- is an action-RPG from for the. The game is a prequel to and is the fourth entry to the.Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- begins seven years before the start of Final Fantasy VII, and encompasses the events that take place until just before its beginning.

The game's hero is, who was a minor character in Final Fantasy VII and the previous owner of the before. He is a working for the under Director. The game tells the tale of Zack's battle against the villainous SOLDIER defector, and the other products of the. Contents GameplayA battle in Crisis Core.Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- is both an action and turn-based RPG, with a stream of fast turns creating the illusion of real-time combat. The player chooses actions from a menu, featuring attack, special attack, and item choices. The game's key feature is the (DMW)—a screen in the upper left-hand corner. Images and numbers continuously scroll in each of the three slots consuming (SP).

Combinations of sevens lead to special, while having identical characters in the left and right slot opens up the modulating phase. Certain combinations of characters and numbers in modulating phase will allow the player to Zack, power up, or perform special moves and summons.The player can choose whether to follow the game's story, which can be completed in around 15 hours of gameplay, or to complete, leading to around 50 hours of gameplay for a 100% completion. Some missions can only be unlocked by accomplishing certain story parts.Modulating Phase on the DMW.Materia is part of the magic and ability system. Are no longer under the player's control, and instead, are added to the DMW. When the DMW slots switch to the summoning scene one of the various Summon Materia are selected and performed. Main summon sequences are skippable. This does not apply to Chocobo Mode summons.Materia does not divide, though it does level up if two matching numbers corresponding to the slot are drawn in a modulating phase (the likelihood of a level up is based upon a hidden counter that gains points as Zack defeats enemies; the higher the counter, the greater chance of leveling up); 1 - 4 as a SOLDIER 2nd Class, or 1 - 6 as a SOLDIER 1st Class.

Materia may grant significant bonuses to Zack's HP, MP, AP, ATK, VIT, MAG, SPR, or LCK. Materia can be customized through the process.The.Players cannot buy weapons. The game begins with Zack holding a typical SOLDIER sword, but he eventually moves on to wield the Buster Sword. In some cases special weapons are utilized, like wielding a parasol during a vacation to.Equipment is limited to that grant various stat boosts and special effects when equipped.

Two to four pieces of equipment can be worn depending on requirements.The are entered via the. More shops are added by proceeding in the storyline, and by doing missions which reward the player with access to new shops.

None of the shops will sell, which must be found in or won in missions.SettingThe city of Midgar being constructed.Since the game takes place seven years before Final Fantasy VII, many places on the are either under construction or otherwise different from Final Fantasy VII. The city of has not yet been completed, and the town of is still filled with its original inhabitants.

Several playable or otherwise major characters from Final Fantasy VII make cameo appearances.The world is in the grip of the who dominates via its monopoly to energy, a power sourced directly from the, the life force of the Planet itself. Having become the world's de factor ruler, Shinra operates on many different fronts from vehicle and weapons manufacturing to genetic engineering. Only the distant nation opposes Shinra's hegemony, but the Shinra armies are making headway into defeating the nation with its army that includes an elite force called, consisting of Mako-enhanced humans, and three SOLDIER enhanced with both Mako and Jenova cells: the SOLDIER First Class members.The main cast of Crisis Core (from left to right: Genesis, Angeal, Zack, Sephiroth, Lazard, Cloud, Tseng, Aerith.SOLDIER has three legendary members, which are the only 1st Class's so far. The most famous is, the strongest SOLDIER member ever known.

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Wishes to obtain Sephiroth's glory for himself, and has amassed a following for himself, as Shinra starts to revere its SOLDIER members to improve the company's public image. Is often considered the heart of the SOLDIER, whose dedication to upholding SOLDIER honor has made him popular. He often mentors the lower class SOLDIERs, including Zack Fair, who strives to become a hero of SOLDIER like Sephiroth.Shinra's seat of power is located in the metropolis of Midgar that is ringed by numerous. Though the lives of those living off the ground level on a colossal 'plate' suspended by pillars is cushy, the pollution the reactors sucking the Planet's life force from the ground causes is evident in the under the plate whose dwellers hardly ever see the light of day.Characters. To become a HeroZack in a virtual training simulation.Zack is a SOLDIER 2nd Class under Angeal's mentorship with a dream of becoming a hero. During a training simulation in the SOLDIER training room in Shinra HQ, Zack loses against a simulated Sephiroth, forcing Angeal to abort the session.

Soonafter, Angeal leaves the SOLDIER training room and tells Zack, 'Embrace your dreams, to be a hero, you need to have dreams, and honor.' A SOLDIER member with Genesis's likeness.After Angeal and Zack leave the training room, they later head to the SOLDIER director Lazard's office, and they learn Angeal's childhood friend, Genesis, has betrayed Shinra and deserted with a number of other SOLDIER members. Lazard proceeds to give Zack and Angeal orders to go to for the final battle of the.

Before beginning their mission, Angeal informs Zack that he recommended him to become 1st Class.While approaching the Wutai stronghold, Angeal tells Zack about his childhood. He grew up poor in known for its ',' apples exclusive to the region that ripen at random times of the year, which he would pilfer to feed himself.

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He was best friends with the mayor's son, Genesis Rhapsodos, and never stole from his family's tree even if it was the biggest in the village, and was too proud to ask for handouts. Angeal explains his weapon, the Buster Sword, represents his family's honor and thus he avoids wearing it down.The two split and Zack infiltrates the fortress alone.

Inside, he meets a young girl called, who soon runs off. Zack is ambushed by two monsters and is saved by Angeal.

When Zack notes Angeal used the Buster Sword, his mentor retorts Zack's life is slightly more important than the sword. Angeal goes back on his own, and after Zack is finished with his work, he goes looking for Angeal. On the way, Zack encounters and battles an that is suddenly summoned. Zack thinks he defeats it, but it gets back up and overwhelms him when he lets his guard down.

Sephiroth suddenly appears and defeats it saving Zack. Zack and Sephiroth find several soldiers working under Genesis who have been transformed into thanks to stolen Shinra technology. Unable to find Angeal, Zack leaves Sephiroth, who believes Angeal has now deserted with Genesis.Zack refuses to believe his friend and mentor would be a turncoat. He is sent to Banora village along with the Tseng to investigate Genesis's disappearance.

Turks is Shinra's intelligence agency often given the most clandstine and dirtiest jobs, and Tseng is quick to point out how much better paid he is than Zack for the kind of work they have to do.Zack and Tseng find several graves, including those of Genesis's foster parents, and the only person Zack can find is, Angeal's mother. At the town factory, Zack meets Genesis, and it turns out he has been using the apple juice factory as his base of operations. Genesis quotes from the epic poem, which focuses around three men who set out on a quest to find the fabled ' before making his escape.Shinra plans to destroy the village to conceal the events from the general public, and Zack races downtown to warn Gillian. He finds her dead with Angeal standing over her. Zack is shocked and enraged by the idea of Angeal killing his own mother, and questions him about the code of honor he claims to live. Genesis appears and summons to fight Zack, calls himself a monster, sprouts a single black wing, and flies away.

The town is bombed by Shinra Army aircraft with Zack and Tseng evacuating via helicopter. Back at, Zack is promoted to SOLDIER 1st Class by SOLDIER director.Legacy of SOLDIER honorMako Reactor 5.Genesis and his army launch an assault upon the headquarters and Zack fights his way through, rescuing the Turk, on his way to, where Sephiroth says Angeal has been spotted. Initially, Zack is reluctant to hunt down his old mentor, but Sephiroth plans to let Angeal escape before Shinra army finds him.The two find, similar to the that make up Genesis's army. They find documents on Jenova Project G, the branch of the that created both Genesis and Angeal, but was deemed a failure. Sephiroth conjectures the 'G' stands for Project Genesis, and explains Genesis is suffering from, slowly dying because of his tainted birth.Angeal and Genesis engage Sephiroth in a training exercise.He reminisces of a training exercise between himself, Angeal and Genesis in the Shinra.

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Final Fantasy Crisis Core Ost Download

Genesis had the book of LOVELESS with him, envisioning himself and his two SOLDIER 1st Class comrades, Sephiroth and Angeal, as the three men foretold in the epic. Genesis wants to fill the role of the 'Hero' in the story and envied Sephiroth's fame as the SOLDIER hero, challenging him alone to prove his superiority until Angeal intervened. Genesis sustained a wound in his shoulder and later received a blood transfusion from Angeal, overseen by a former Shinra scientist Dr., the man behind Project G. The wound wouldn't heal and was the start of Genesis's degradation. Genesis has joined forces with Hollander, who claims to be able to cure him, but is secretly using him to get personal revenge against Shinra.Zack tries to capture Hollander in the, but Angeal arrives and shows Zack his white wings, saying he has become a monster.

Zack tries to convince his former mentor his wings do not belong to a monster but an angel, but Angeal says angels dream to be human. Zack refuses to fight his old friend, and Angeal sends Zack plummeting down into the.Zack asks Aerith out on a date.Falling into the, Zack lands into the bed tended to by a slum dweller named. She calls out to him until he comes to and Zack convinces her to go on a date in the slums, during which he salvages a kid's wallet from monsters, and buys her a pink hair ribbon.

Aerith reveals she fears the SOLDIER and the sky, as she has lived her life under the plate and rarely sees it. Zack reveals he is a member of SOLDIER, and his eyes have a glow due to having underwent a procedure of Mako enhancement. Aerith comments that if sky resembles Zack's eyes, it won't be so scary after all.Zack has to return to the top of the plate due to another Genesis attack, this time targeting, Shinra's head of Science Department. While Sephiroth is sent to secure the, Zack is sent to Hojo's aid and Angeal decides to take aside and helps Zack. Genesis confronts Hojo who rebuffs him and claims Hollader is a second rate scientist who won't be able to cure his degradation.

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Genesis quotes passages from LOVELESS, believing the 'Gift of the Goddess' spoken of in the epic would cure him. Hojo mentions it has a missing fifth act with only a single line remaining: 'Even if the morrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return,' although there are many theories on the story's conclusion. Hojo disregards LOVELESS and the Gift of the Goddess as unscientific, Angeal and Zack beat the Genesis Army out of Midgar, and Genesis flies off, summoning a for Zack to fight.Zack is sent to the abandoned town of in the frigid wastes of the Northern Continent with Tseng and a Shinra infantryman named, as Genesis is rumored of having been seen there. Their helicopter is shot down by Genesis's forces and the group is forced to trek through the snowy terrain. Since both Zack and Cloud are 'country boys,' the two quickly become friends.At Modeoheim, Zack and the team finds an abandoned warehouse Genesis has been using as a base. Zack storms the facility and rescues Hollander from a vengeful Genesis, angry at Hollander's failure to stop his degradation.

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He has decided to look for cells for a cure, but Hollander protests that no one knows where Jenova—the extraterrestrial life form Shinra initially mistook for a member of the race—is stored. A weakened Genesis tries to fight Zack, but is defeated. Genesis falls into the abyss below the warehouse and is presumed dead. Hollander flees into the town of Modeoheim while Zack pursues.Angeal passes the Buster Sword and his SOLDIER honor to Zack.At a ruined bathhouse, Zack finds Angeal and Hollander. The latter tells how Angeal is the true success of Project G, having Jenova's power of a two-way genetic conduit, able to pass on his genes and take in those of other organisms.

It turns out the 'G' in Project G stands for Project Gillian, named after Angeal's mother whom Hollander injected with Jenova's cells in an attempt to create a human with the powers of the Cetra. While Genesis was injected with Gillian's cells resulting in an incomplete version of Jenova's power leading to his current degradation, Angeal received his mother's cells directly while in the womb and thus grew up into a perfect specimen.It is revealed Angeal did not kill Gillian, but she had taken her own life. Angeal, no longer wishing to be a monster, absorbs several different copies and turns into a hideous creature,.

Zack defeats it and Angeal passes on his Buster Sword and the legacy of SOLDIER honor to Zack before he dies. Hollander is captured and with all three major threats to Shinra gone, the seems to be over.The Nibelheim Incident.