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Who doesn’t like spending time with family and friends, watching your favourite movies? Hardly a few exceptions! It is always a pleasure to watch movies with your close ones. But not always is it possible.

At times, if some of your friends or close ones are away from you, you miss out this pleasure. Or if you are in some long distance relationship, which would be a better example, watching movies together is a blessing! But you know what? You can have this pleasure even if you are miles away. Want to know how? Keep reading the articleAt this point, you will have to thank technology as it has made it possible for you to watch movies with your near ones even if the distance in miles is of thousands! Now you might be wondering how?

So, let me tell you, with sites similar to, you can share the same videos or movies with your close ones through a video interface. But not every time would you want to use this typical app and moreover what if there’s some issue with the site working on your mobile? At such times, you can make use of the alternatives. 10 Best Alternative Sites Like Rabb.itFollowing are the 10 sites identical to rabb it.

Maintains Privacy if you share the password with a trustworthy person. You can share your own videos. Watch YouTube videos by sharing it in synced platforms.2). BlaTubeBlaTube is other example of sites like that can make you stick to this website for as long as they provide you with their amazing features.

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This internet dependent platform is where the users are capable of watching movies and videos with close ones, no matter the distance.With BlaTube, you get perfect synchronization of videos. You can make video calls, audio calls and also chat.

You can play videos from Viki, Facebook, Dropbox, Yandex.Disk, through direct links, twitch, and a lot more. To use BlaTube to watch videos with your close ones, all you have to do is insert the link and click on the option to Create Session. Then Invite your friends and you are good to go!Key Features:-. No need of registration on the site. You can create a channel, choose the name of the channel and specify its design as well. You have a moderator functionality i.e.

You can mute, kick or ban. You can control playback only. Shared Playlist. Active rooms where you can hop on. You can share DropBox plus YouTube videos on this site. You will be able to take control over the PC Synced.

Free of cost.Also Read: 3). RaveWanna get social by watching movies together? Rave is your best option. Now apart from watching videos and movies, you can also listen to music together with your loved ones. What another way to express yourselves to someone way too far by distance? Through Rave, you can combine your mobile works with whomever you want to. Thus you can watch and chat too.Rave is nothing but a social platform that allows you to watch and chat both at the same time.

In recent time, Rave has introduced another amazing feature for its users- RaveDJ. It claims RaveDJ to be world’s first AI DJ which is in power of composing mashups, of songs chosen by users, that are seamless and anonymous.You can watch videos from Reddit, Dropbox, Viki, Vimeo, Google Drive, YouTube, and a lot more. You can either invite some friends of yours or you can simply start a public rave and thus make new friends from all across the globe!

Rave is compatible with iOS and Android Operating systems as well and in VR on Google Daydream and Samsung Galaxy Gear VR. You can use RaveDJ by visiting the website.Key Features:-. A number of Virtual rooms to hop in. Create your own Chatroom. Upload and manage videos of your own.

A truly fascinating user interface. Seamless DJ mashup of songs. Turn mobile into wireless speakers.4). MyCircle.TVOne peculiar way to spend time with your near and dear ones is by watching movies and videos together through MyCircle.TV. Through this site, you can watch movies and videos in video streaming and share websites as well. There are options to listen to audio as well.

With this site, you are also allowed to chat with your friends.Key Features:-. Create your own chatroom. No registration required. Virtual Roms to hop in for everybody. Create and Manage Chats. User-friendly GI.5). Together TVAnother from Alternatives websites, where you can chill with your mains and watch whatever TV Series or Movies you prefer is Together TV.

Rabbit, also known as, launched to users in 2015, is a California-based video-streaming website where multiple people can remotely browse and watch the same content in real-time. A host can create a room, invite others to it (or, alternatively, set it to public and allow any user to join), then, whatever content the host opens, other users are displayed also. So, let me tell you, with sites similar to, you can share the same videos or movies with your close ones through a video interface. But not every time would you want to use this typical app and moreover what if there’s some issue with the site working on your mobile? At such times, you can make use of the alternatives.

On this site, you will find a link bar where you have to put the link of the video you want to watch and there also comes another option of watch Random Videos. You can have a voice chat as well through the microphone which is enabled by default. Key Features:-. Stream files directly from the computer. Audio Chat. Create Rooms. Free of Cost.6).

AndChillThe next on our list of sites like is AndChill. As the name says it all, you can chill with your favorites irrespective of the distance you are separated with. This site with an easy-to-browse interface allows users to watch videos simultaneously through two or more screens at the opposite poles of the world. Similar to others and, all you have to do is create a room and invite your close ones!Key Features:-. Amazing GUI.

Share videos and audios with one click. Active Public Groups.

Create new Chatroom with one click. Share Links.7). Watch TogetherIf we are talking of alternative sites and Watch Together isn’t mentioned then the talk is not over yet. Watch Together allows you to watch movies and stuff with your people and also allows to synchronize their media platforms.Through Watch2gether, you can create a room for free without any sort of registration and then share the link with your friends. Then you can listen to music, watch videos and also go shopping with them! What else could one ask for in spite of distances?Key Features:-. Watch videos from Vimeo, Daily Motion, Sound Cloud, YouTube, etc. Create your own Playlist.

Chat Room. Synchronized player for videos and audio as well. Webcam supported. Free to use. You can Browse and shop from Amazon.

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Option to share Social Media Profiles.8). GazeAs the line below the name Gaze says- “Long Distance Movie Night”, you can tell how useful and interesting this site would be. Not to forget, the absolutely attractive and beautiful interface of this site will make your stay here for like forever. Moreover, you can have a quick demo of the working of this site. This way you can see if the site actually works for you or not.You can make video calls, sync watch, i.e.

Play, pause, seek and watch the same stuff at the same time. You can also watch your own video files through folders in your device.Key Features:-.

You can have an instant demo to have a look over the site and its working. Most Attractive User Interface to keep you engaged. Share videos and audios with your people. Insta-Chat. Download one piece episode 264 subtitle indonesia. You can watch movies and videos and Chat as well.9). Together TubeAnother one on our list of sites like is Together Tube.

As the name suggests, in every room you can see videos simultaneously as if you are seeing it at your place. There is also a Chat Room in every room which is built-in and includes all the basic and standard ways of communicating in today’s world.On Together Tube, you are also given the option of Voting which is by default enabled. All the users can vote and add videos of your choice. The video receiving the highest number of votes will be then played. One more interesting option you get on Together Tube is Room Settings. You can configure the settings of your room as per your choices.

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This includes changing the name or other similar settings. You can also block a user’s ability to vote for videos.Key Features:-. Synchronized Player.

Binge Watch. Internet DJ.

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Video Premieres. Chat Option.

Search bar to look for videos. Voting System.

Option to Share links with as many friends as you want to.10). SynaptopAs we mentioned earlier, this list is not in any particular order. And hence, although listed at the bottom-most position, Synaptop is no less than what you have seen till now. It is just another from the alternative sites to which have got a lot to offer you. If you are bored of the site, you can also make use of the app this website has created for its users.Key Features:-. Compatible with almost all the Operating Systems around the globe. Collaborate in Real-Time.

Run apps. Control devices. Apart from watching movies, you can read books as well. Free to use. Attractive User Interface. You can access SynapTop from any web browser.

Watch Videos, Listen to music, Play Games and Read books.Visit SynapTop Final Verdict:Hope you found the article of use. The Alternative sites mentioned above are in no particular order.

I have arranged these randomly since all of them give a similar user experience to the user. You can try out whatever site you like and choose any.In case of any doubts or queries do let us know below in the comment box, we will be glad to help you all.Also Read:.