Legacy Of The Void Campaign Units

Legions of veteran, upgraded, and brand-new unit types will do battle across the galaxy, as each faction struggles for survival. Featuring a unique single-player campaign that picks up where StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm left off, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void will present a cast of new heroes and familiar faces in an edgy sci-fi story filled with adventure and intrigue.

If you’ve been loving for the past half-decade like me then you’re probably also nerding out over the new Legacy of the Void release.This last installment of the trilogy hasn’t been quite as well received as its predecessors, despite Blizzard toting over a million users in the first 24 hours.But it’s still pretty awesome for us loyal fans.Thanks for making the launch of a success!

As with the Terran and Protoss forces, Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void brings a host of new Zerg units and changes to the Starcraft 2 ( sc2) gameplay experience. The Zerg army now includes a bile-spitting, Force Field-destroying unit called the Ravager and sees the much-welcomed return of the Lurker!At the same time, existing units like the Infestor, Corruptor, Swarm Host and Nydus Worm have gained new abilities, with the Swarm Host in particular benefitting from an upgrade that lets its pesky little Locusts fly.The new Zerg units will undoubtedly give Terran and Protoss players cause for concern, and so will the changes made to the existing roster. Here is an in-depth look at Legacy of the Void brings to the Zerg army: New Zerg UnitsRavager: A morph-off of the Roach, the Ravager is a ranged Zerg unit with a new ability called Corrosive Bio that deals damage to a target area. Corrosive Bio marks a target location; after a brief delay, units and structures within that area are hit with a shower of high damage.Corrosive Bio also has a powerful perk against Protoss — it can destroy the Sentry’s Force Fields!

In a Protoss versus Zerg matchup that includes Sentry vs Ravager, you can expect a new contest of micro that presents new opportunities to gain and lose advantages.When paired with the Infestor’s Fungal Growth, Ravagers can reliably damage air units. Corrosive Bio is also particularly good against units with little to no mobility (e.g. Siege Tanks).If you want to avoid the damage from Corrosive Bio, make sure to dodge proactively whenever possible.Lurker: For those of you that have been playing StarCraft since Brood War, this Zerg unit hardly needs an introduction.

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Lurkers in StarCraft 2 are capable of dealing massive splash damage and also serve as a ranged siege option capable of out-distancing most units and all base defense structures.For Terran, countering the Lurker can be accomplished by the recently-added Cyclone, which has a longer range and can attack while on the move. And of course, familiar micro moves from Brood War (e.g. The three Marines micro trick) are also effective solutions.

Changes to Existing Zerg UnitsIn addition to the two new Zerg units, Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void also introduces some titillating changes to the existing roster of Zerg units. They are as follows:Corrupter: The once air-to-air, heavy-armoured Zerg unit can now attack units and structures on the ground, thanks to a new ability called Caustic Spray. Like the Protoss Void Ray’s ‘Prismatic Alignment’ ability, the damage caused by Caustic Spray ramps up over time, making it especially strong against buildings.Infestor: The slimy Zerg spell-caster has received a new ability called Aggressive Mutation that grants a flat damage buff to friendly units, making your basic Zergling swarm even more powerful against enemies that would have previously taken them out easily.Swarm Host: In Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void, the Swarm Host takes on a bit more of an aggressive role when it comes to harassment. The Locusts they spawn from their backs are stronger, but the frequency with which they spawn has been lowered.The Swarm Host can now spawn Locusts while on the move, and upgrade them to fly in the late game. Keep in mind that massing Swarm Hosts is not as viable as it was before because the downtime between Locust spawns has increased to a point that your Swarm Host army will be easily overrun.Nydus Worm: Long-requested by Zerg players, Nydus Worms can no longer be damaged while emerging, making them a more reliable option for drop harassment. In late game situations where both sides have a lot of resources, the Zerg player can now force engagements at strategic locations by employing an army of Nydus Worms.

What Do You Think?That concludes the updates currently on the table for the Zerg in Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void. Keep in mind that everything is subject to change as the game continues to evolve.Needless to say, the Zerg army has some exciting new tools at its disposable for taking down the Terran and Protoss. We’ve talked enough, and now it’s your turn: What do you think about the new Zerg units and the changes made to the existing roster?

Legacy Of The Void Campaign Units

Are any of them game-changing? Dump your thoughts in the comments below.What Next? BlizzCon 2014 was very special because of one big reason: Blizzard announced its first new IP in over 15 years — Overwatch! The team-based multiplayer shooter is a big departure from the games the company normally releases, but it’s fresh and — frankly — looks like crazy fun. Unfortunately, Blizzard’s renowned storytelling won’t be part of the gameplay experience Overwatch does not have a single-player campaign.While no one will be happy to hear that, Titanfall has shown that not every game needs single-player to be a hit. In fact, judging from what we saw in its announcement and gameplay trailers, Overwatch looks primed to make a big splash on the eSports scene.DON’T MISS:In an interview with, game director Jeff Kaplan explained why there is no single-player in Overwatch:“I don’t think we would ever do a single-player campaign, because the way these characters work they’re cool when you combine them together. Some don’t play well alone, either.

Starcraft 2 Legacy Of The Void Campaign Units

Unless we built a campaign around supporting somebody else, a support character like Mercy probably wouldn’t do well.”To compensate for the lack of single-player storytelling, Kaplan says each character in Overwatch has an interesting story that will be explored both in-game and from external sources. Given that this is Blizzard we are talking about, chatter between characters and quality cinematics will likely be used to flush out each fighter’s plot.Another game that employs a similar strategy is League of Legends. The world and champions of Riot’s MOBA have a lot of back story and context, but you don’t learn much about any of that in-game.Considering how successful League of Legends has been, we get the feeling Overwatch won’t be held back by its lack of single-player. Blizzard’s FPS is all about quality multiplayer action, which will take it a long way in eSports. Do you have a problem with that?

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Was the staging ground for a number of big eSports tournaments, including the first Hearthstone World Championship. Sixteen players from all over the world competed in the tourney to win the $10,000 grand prize, but only one came out triumphant — James “Firebat” Kostesich!While most professional players spend many hours each day mastering the game, the 18 year-old Kostesich likely didn’t have that luxury because of obligations with school and work. Nevertheless, he managed to take the Hearthstone scene by storm, surprising just about everyone.MUST SEE:Firebat is a very aggressive player, and built his decks accordingly, with his “Charge Face” Druid deck (shown below) being particularly lethal and feared throughout the tournament. Surprisingly, Druids are considered one of the weakest Hearthstone classes currently, yet he used them to dominate his opponents with relative ease.Replicating Firebat’s Charge Face deck won’t come cheap. It contains no less than four Legendaries and several Epics, so building it is not something you will be able to do if you’ve just starting playing Hearthstone.Assuming you don’t have any of the cards in the deck, Charge Face will fetch you 6,960 dust. But before you even think about copying Firebat, keep in mind that a good Hearthstone deck is only as good as its wielder. In other words, practice, practice, practice!ALSO READ:While Charge Face might be Firebat’s most fearsome deck, it’s not the only one in his arsenal.

He has Warlock and Hunter decks, both of which feature only one Legendary card — Loatheb — which can be obtained for free by completing the Plague Quarther wing in Curse of Naxxramas.By winning the first Hearthstone World Championship at Blizzcon 2014, James “Firebat” Kostesich has made history. What do you think about his winning deck?

The highly-anticipated Warcraft Movie is on its way for a March 2016 release. While the film is still in an early stage of development, Blizzard has all the major actors / actresses and characters we will see on the big screen.Directed by Duncan Jones, Warcraft is closely based on the fantasy video game series and portrays the origin story of the initial encounters between the humans and the orcs, with an emphasis on both the Alliance’s and the Horde’s sides of the conflict. You will see such well-known characters as Durotan, Lothar and others.Jones, together with Bill Westenhofer (Visual Effects Supervisor), Chris Metzen (Co-Producer) and Rob Kazinsky (known for his roles in the True Blood series and Pacific Rim), used BlizzCon 2014 to let us in on the official character lineup. The Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm WCS 2014 World Championship Series concluded with Korean Zerg player Life becoming the new global champion. StarTale’s Life was in fact the only Zerg player to make it into the quarter-finals, but that didn’t stop him from being crowned the winner.After defeating San with a clean 3-0 in the quarter-finals, Life went on to face TaeJa — arguably the best Terran player and one of the best Starcraft 2 players in the world — in the semi-finals, where the two played out one of the best series in recent memory.

Needless to say, it was a bit surprising to see the Terran lose 2-3 against a player who barely had enough WCS points to qualify for the Global Finals.Life acknowledged the impressive skill of TaeJa by stating “When I first got to the Round of 16, I thought Zest would be the toughest. But after facing TaeJa, I think he was the toughest. He doesn’t make mistakes, his micro game was awesome. TaeJa just played a strong game.”In the grand final, Life faced off with MMA, another strong Terran player and one that managed to win the WCS Europe qualifier earlier in the year.

Legacy Of The Void Campaign Units

In fact, the Terran player had a relatively easy time getting to the final after defeating StarDust, Bomber and Classic.While MMA is undoubtedly a highly-skilled Starcraft 2 player, Life had no problem taking him down in a crushing 4-1 series, resulting in him triumphantly taking home the title of WCS 2014 Global Champion.“TaeJa was easy to predict but he’s a really good player. MMA was a very comfortable opponent so that made it easy,” Life explained. “A Terran who goes to a triple base first and goes for the longer, safer matchup is tougher.

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A Terran who goes for the all-in attack first like MMA is easier.”Life won WCS 2014 at the ripe age of 17, making him the youngest WCS World Champion ever. After the long and tedious journey to the top, one can only imagine he threw an epic party and followed it up with some much needed rest.Life’s victory is a big win for both StarTale and Starcraft 2, and an even bigger win for Zerg players all over the world.

What did you think about the competition?What Next? Was arguably the best Blizzcon to date, largely because of all the new game announcements and reveals. As good as the usual cosplay contests, eSports competitions, and concert (Metallica) were, it was all about the games this time around.Blizzard used Blizzcon 2014 to announce its — Overwatch — in over 15 years, and reveal the much-anticipated Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void. It also announced the first full expansion pack for Hearthstone called, as well as new heroes and battlegrounds for Heroes of the Storm.DON’T MISS:Blizzcon 2014 marked the 10th anniversary of World of Warcraft and the 20th anniversary of the original Warcraft RTS. As a tribute, Blizzard released a new World of Warcraft documentary highlighting their journey from WoW’s initial development to its latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor.Titled Looking For Group, the World of Warcraft documentary features all our favorite Blizzard devs who made WoW a reality. They share their thoughts and experiences while making the game, and revealed some never before seen concept art from the early days of World of Warcraft — you know, when technology was more limited than it is today.ALSO READ:The hour-long Looking For Group documentary was clearly made for fans of World of Warcraft and is worth watching if you’re a lover of the franchise. As a film, it’s well put together and a fun watch from beginning to end.

Check it out below and share your impressions in the comments.If you end up playing World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, let us know how you rate it. What do you think about the progress Blizzard has made over the years? When Blizzard Entertainment announced that Project Titan — its supposedly-ambitious massive multiplayer online game — had been cancelled, fans were left asking “what next?” Well, Overwatch is next; as the company’s first new IP in over 15 years, its announcement shortly after Project’s Titan’s cancellation left many thinking the two games might possibly be connected. Well, they are, but not in the way you are thinking.During BlizzCon, Blizzard’s Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Development Chris Metzen revealed that Overwatch shares a “spiritual continuity” with Project Titan, though the two games are “pretty different:”“I’m not going to get into what Titan was going to be or what we wanted it to be. I can tell you what it was – in a way, it was frustrating. It was a big, giant idea; it was almost like six video games in one. It was the most ambitious game ever.

It was fun to try to tackle it, and boy did we tackle it. We wrestled with it for a long time. And it sucked; we couldn’t figure it out. It makes you just clenches his fist – we couldn’t crack it. Imagine this amazing team just frustrated. ‘Why can’t we do this?’ It’s trying to fret a chord and write the song.

‘We can’t write the song, why can’t it just sound awesome?’ Can’t find the harmony, whatever.”MUST READ:We are glad to see that Blizzard, unlike many video game developers desperate to make a quick buck, refrains from throwing large chunks of turd at gamers, but what is Project Titan’s connection with Overwatch?“When we decided to go another way, like Jeff was saying, we’ve got this hook, ‘Why aren’t we doing that? We love that.’ And we decided to do it and, suddenly, ‘Boom!’ The music just exploded. And we started looking at Overwatch for what it was, and it unleashed this tidal wave of passion and certainty and distilled; clear ideas. And this world idea – it was just this monstrous thing of energy. I hope people look at Overwatch as a very clever game.

But I’ll tell you – under the hood – we needed this; just as developers to feel that lightning coursing through it again.”While this is not the ‘connection’ that most of you had in mind, know that it was the creative process of attempting to make Project Titan not suck so much turd that likely resulted in Overwatch coming into fruition.We think Overwatch has the potential to take the eSports scene by storm.