Mafia 1 Vs Mafia 2

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Chuma has had his issues, but he did turn things around after that second game vs Utah State in 2016 after shoving an official. Coach Helton believed in him enough to disciple him and mandated that he attend counseling sessions. You can say a lot of things about Coach Helton as a HC, but one thing is indisputable, he is a good, decent man who did not hesitate to remove a few players from the team that broke team rules. Chuma’s breaking of those team rules was for smoking MJ. The horror.He did choose to return to USC for his senior year, and graduate with his degree. One big plus about drafting Chuma over the others is his relationship with Sam that goes beyond the football field, you can also bet Sam went to bat for him, and believes in him.

Mafia 1 Vs Mafia 2 3

Mafia 1 Vs Mafia 2

Mafia 1 Or Mafia 2

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