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Microsoft Lync 2010 for Windows Phone (11/12 Dec 2011)Microsoft Lync 2010 for Android (13/14 Dec 2011).Microsoft Lync 2010 for iPhone (19/20 Dec 2011)Microsoft Lync 2010 for iPad (19/20 Dec 2011)ReferencesMobile Client Comparison TablesDeploying Mobile ClientsNoteThe Lync client for mobile phones and devices all require Office365/Lync Online account or on-premise Lync Server setup. Besides backend infrastructure updates and configuration settings., users with Lync accounts must be enabled with the appropriate voice and mobility policy (where applicable).

seeWorkflow Manager 1.0 announcements. This forum will be retired in May 2010, as part of a larger project to organize our Office-related TechNet forums, consolidate and archive our Office 2010 beta forums, enable Office communities across IT Pro, Developer, and Information Worker audiences, and provide an ongoing Microsoft presence in the community.Please direct all questions and discussions about Office Application Compatibility going forward to the.All threads previously in this forum will be moved to the new forum location. For information about Office 2010 application compatibility, please visit the. We will be testing the update system for Click-to-Run over the next couple weeks. If your machine is connected to the internet, it may detect the available update and attempt to get it. The Click-to-Run update system is designed to run quietly in the background and rarely requires user interaction.Click-to-Run Office users who get the update may notice that they are now at version 14.0.4541.1000.

New Click-to-Run Office 2010 downloads will now start with the updated version, instead of the older version 14.0.4536.1000.This newer version should not be considered a general Office 2010 Beta refresh. There are no new features contained in the update. Gseb 12 history question paper gujarati medium.

Official direct download links to all Microsoft Office 2010 editions on. Office 2010 Single Image x86: X16-31998.exe (old). Office 2010 Direct Download Links.


Microsoft Office Single Image 2010 Install

Rather, it is primarily intended to test our update capability.Those who do not want to participate in the update may go to the File tab - Help section of any Office application and disable Click-to-Run updates.OneNote 2010 Beta (to be retired) announcements.


I have Microsoft Office Pro 2010 x64, just you're standard installation. Nothing fancy about it.Now, I would like to install Office Visio 2013, however it keeps coming up with this error. What on earth is 'Microsoft Office Single Image'?! I have never seen it before and I cannot find it anywhere in my Programs and Features. I have tried researching this but the only solution is a Microsoft Cleanup tool that has been removed from Microsoft's site and isn't compatible with my Windows 8 computer.Please help?

The office 2010 'single image' that it's talking about is a preloaded version of office that is 'preloaded' on the hard disk of a new PC. It requires you to enter a lic. Key to activate it and it's not functional until you do.It comes preloaded on new PC's and includes all the different versions of office. (Home and Student, Business, Pro.) thus the name 'Single Image'.

Microsoft office single image 2010 update error

I was able to find it in programs and features and uninstalled it fine.Not sure why it doesn't show up there for you. Maybe with Win 8 the options in programs and features are a little different.

You could try a 3rd party utility like revo uninstaller. At least now you know what your looking for.