Mount And Blade Viking Conquest Ships

Dec 13, 2014  Mount & Blade: Warband. Viking Conquest Ship Stats In case you were wondering what the stats are for each ship. I prefer the looks of the small ships actually but my party has already outgrown them and I would rather stick with a single ship for now. I now have three busse: the Lutefisk, the Surstromming, and the Rakfisk. Hi, is there any mod for viking conquest that can make ship capturing actually happening? When I started the game all four naval battles results in captured ships. So I raised my fleet limit, to be able to capture more than one at once. Since then.magically. no ship capture at all. 20 or 30 naval battles and not a single captured ships.

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Mount And Blade Viking Conquest Ships

Slainte Mhath:So I’ve played several more hours of the game past where I ended my last write-up above. As much as I would enjoy continuing the write ups, I feel that to do so would be spoiling the storyline part of the game, and I want to avoid that because honestly it’s pretty good so far.Thanks for the write-ups on this.

I’ve got probably more than a hundred hours in Warband, but I have been hesitant to dive into Vikings because of the reported issues. I’ll definitely be picking it up next time it goes on sale. Arrendek:I have about 300 hours into the M&Bs, but 20 hours into Viking Conquest, even with the fun storyline, I was fed up with the issues. I’d like to hear they are actually fixed. I know there was an update (something like 6 months ago, maybe?) that supposedly fixed a lot of it. I have high hopes it’s very playable now.I am pleased to report I’ve probably played around 20 hours of Viking Conquest Reforged at this point, and I’ve had exactly one CTD that was probably the fault of the AMD Catalyst Control Center and not the game itself.

I’ve experienced ZERO bugs in combat, the quests and tasks all seem to be working as they should, and I’ve had no problems with the gameplay or UI.I also have had a longship for awhile now, and in fact last night I bought my second one and sailed around with two of them for a bit. I know one of the original bugs was that you couldn’t land your ships on the shore, only in ports, but I can say with complete certainty that’s fixed now, as I’ve used landing points dozens of times now to camp at night and to jump off and trade with or raid an area.In fact, the only annoying/wonky things I’ve encountered thus far were:.I bought a horse for myself, equipped it, and somehow my whole party was moving SLOWER than when we were all walking previously. I had to unequip my horse in order to resume the decent map travel speeds on land. Not sure if it’s a bug or if I just had a slow horse and/or not equipping my companions with horses was penalizing us.When fighting at sea, in the longships, if you are not careful when crossing from one ship to the other it is fairly easy to end up falling between the ships into the water. This knocks you unconscious, but your men can still win the battle. It’s a minor annoyance, but when it happens I want to strangle a dev.

There is no reason your character would ever need to enter the water in these battles, so when two ships close it should be impossible (through coding) for you to kill yourself in this way. An update on this after playing dozens more hours over the past couple of weeks: I am now 350 or so days into the game (in game time), and have progressed significantly into the storyline.First off, the main storyline is hands-down my favorite new “feature” in Viking Conquest. At it’s heart, this is Warband with Vikings and ships. While that’s pretty cool in of itself, having an overarching plotline of quests that ties everything together and pushes you to move from place to place and interact with multiple kingdoms and nobles has significantly enhanced my enjoyment of the game. To my unending surprise, the story is actually quite good.

Granted, it’s Mount & Blade, so we’re not talking Telltale Games levels of storytelling, but just having a cohesive plot that advances throughout the game and ties into many of the NPCs who join your party along the way is a HUGE plus to what is already a fun open-world game.That said, I caution people playing the storyline to SAVE OFTEN. There are conversations and events in the storyline that can significantly alter your relationships with your companions, nobles and kingdoms. Saying the wrong thing or making the wrong choice can, on occasion, cost you big time, to the point where you’ll probably want to reload and try a different tact. Save before every main storyline event or quest turn-in, and you’ll be much happier for it.Also, while the temptation is there to continuously propel yourself forward through the storyline, remember that this is Mount and Blade.

The game centers around building your warband, gaining experience and building wealth. Take the time to do these things as you progress and you’ll have a much easier time of it. And he makes this mistake early and often. At one point he’s trying to duel a beserker while wearing what amounts to a tunic for armor and wielding a crappy sword.

At another point he’s trying to win a crucial battle fielding an army comprised mostly of farmers, low-level spearmen and peasant women. This is NOT the path to success! I took the time early on to raise a small band of Norse warriors, just enough to fit in the ship you receive as part of the main storyline. I fought many bandits and reavers until I could level many of my troops to second or third tier units. Then I took time out again later on to run lucrative trade routes with my ship, making tens of thousands of coins which I used to purchase a second ship, which in turn doubled the size of the warband I could field. Later on I captured a third ship in a sea battle, so now I have a little fleet of three 27-man ships, and a warband that is 80 experienced warriors strong. This has led to a much easier time of things in the mid-game main storyline, and while my expenses are high, I also have established lucrative trade routes so that as I run around doing things story-related I can also make the money necessary to support my warband.I’m having a blast with the game, even after dozens of hours of trading goods, delivering letters for lords (to build favor), slaughtering bandits, raiding monasteries, boarding and dispatching sea raiders and Viking ships, building up my hideout, gathering companions and working my way through the main story.

I’m at a point in the main story now where I must decide if I will support the Danes, who I have built very good relationships with, or the kings of Englaland, whom I barely know but for whom two of my oldest and dearest companions are urging me to support. Whatever I decide, it will cost me companions, many of whom I have grown very fond of over the course of the game. I never expected to be making these kind of complex RPG decisions in a Mount & Blade game, and I have to say I’m really enjoying it!P.S. Couple more tips:.Watch the religious bent of both your companions and your units. Having companions and units of different religious beliefs in your party will negatively impact morale, especially mixing units.

Mount And Blade Viking Conquest Ships

A couple of Christian companions in a Pagan unit warband is a very minor morale hit easily overcome. A mix of 40% Christian units with 60% Pagan units in your warband will cause constant morale loss that is more difficult to combat. I highly recommend recruiting units form a single religion only for your warband. Decide what you want to be (Christian or Pagan), and recruit accordingly.

Once you have a ship it’s easy enough to travel to lands where you can recruit soldiers of your religion by the dozens.Always keep your warband well provisioned. Sure, it’s easy to buy half a dozen stacks of Bread and call it a day, and your warband won’t starve doing this, but they also will grouse about the food constantly and lose morale over time. Food is cheap in villages and at farmsteads, so always carry a nice variety with you. I reserve 6 inventory slots for food and put a different type of food in each one, restocking often as supplies run low. This mix of provisions provides a significant boost to morale overall, and I rarely see my warband’s morale dip below Above Average, even on long sea voyages when you take constant morale hits.Take the time to establish good trade routes. Once you have your first ship, the economy opens up dramatically. Villages, Farmsteads and Quarries all sell food and raw materials for much less than you can find them in towns and ports.

Towns and ports sell finished goods and luxuries for much cheaper than they sell for in villages (and sometimes other towns). Make a note of these price differences as you travel and you will soon have a very prosperous trade route. As an example, Wool sells for as little as 30 coins in many villages and farmsteads in southeastern England, yet it sells for nearly 400 coins in Ribe (Danmark) and as much as 600 in Frisia. In Northeastern England you can find Iron selling for less than 100 coins in many places, whil ein Ribe and other ports they will buy it from you for 400+. Furs, Flax, Tar and Timber are also all goods worth buying cheap and selling for significantly higher as you travel around.


Mead and Ale can be purchased for 150-200 in towns and ports, and sold for 400+ at villages, farmsteads and quarries. In the early game, before you have a ship, buy Wool, Raw Chicken, Beef and Dried Meat from villages and sell it at the port city to jump-start your economy. So less than 24 hours after posting about how much fun I am having in Viking Conquest I am now pissed off at it.Last night I finished part of the main storyline quest and had to choose between joining the side of the Danes who are invading England or siding with the kings of Mercia and Wessex against the Vikings.

It was a difficult decision, and I was going to lose valuable and much loved companions either way. In the end I decided that since my warband was all Norse troops and I had three very capable Pagan companions while I would only be losing two Christian ones (though Bodo and Brunhilde are tough losses) I went PaganViking and chose the Danes.

I was then given a quest, at the completion of which I was sworn as a vassal of Northumbria and the sons of Ragnar. My relationships with Northumbria and it’s lords went up quite a bit, my relationship with Wessex and Mercia decresed a bit, and I took relationship hits and boosts to several other factions based on whatever state of war/peace they currently held with Northumbria.Since Northumbria was originally a Briton kingdom, all the units available to recruit there are Christian.

When my new liege gave me instructions to raise an army and go siege a fort, I decided to sail back to Danmark stopping in several ports and villages along the way trading goods and raising some decent cash. I got back to Ribe (capital port in Danmark) and discover I can’t enter because my relationship with the kingdom is too poor. I check the relationships page and sure enough, I’m at -9 with Danmark despite having 30+ relationships with all it’s lords and a perfect 100 relationship with King Horik. Turns out, during the course of the 300 days of game time I’d been playing, the faction of Northumbria had apparently attacked and/or pissed off the faction of Danmark and when I swore to Northumbria I took a big hit in my relationship with Danmark. This sucks, as now I cannot recruit Norse troops for my army or trade in one of the ports most pivotal to my current lucrative trade routes.I left a message in the Mount & Blade Steam forums about my situation and how stupid it is given that King Horik and the Assembly in Danmark are the ones who sent me to Northumbria in the first place, and their entire storyline revolves around Danmark reinforcing it’s armies, led by Ragnar’s sons, in Northumbria. The two kingdoms are ruled by the same people. They should be allies at least until the story is over.

A developer responded that during the course of play, relationships between kingdoms change, and that I should do quests or help the Danish lords in battles to rebuild my relationship with them.Frankly, that’s ridiculous. That is putting the problem squarely on the player, when the issue could be fixed by simply setting the relationship between Danmark and Northumbria back to ally status as part of the relationship adjustments that are programmed to happen when the player becomes a vassal of Northumbria as part of the story. It makes zero sense that the two kingdoms have negative relations, and it completely breaks the plot.

Now I have to waste my time trying to get them to like each other (or at least me) again so I can recruit troops and trade with the same kingdom that sent me on the mission to begin with and that I spent hours and hours building reputation with (lords and king) already.It’s probably easier at this point to just go back to my save game and chose to help the Saxons instead. KristiGaines:Sounds like an episode of the Last Kingdom. Seriously though, I have the game and may try it with a blonde shield maiden that sorta resembles me except for the axe and the shield and the armor. And the blonde. I enjoy your write ups so please continue!Haha! Have fun with your blonde shield maiden and let me know if you run into anything you need advice on.

The main storyline IS much like The Last Kingdom. I feel pulled between the Danes and the Saxons, liking some of the folks on either side and feeling like a pawn in their game at the same time. When the main campaign is over some of these lords better watch out, 'cause I’m going to be looking to kick their asses in sandbox!;-)On the bright side, I may have figured out a workaround for my problem with Danmark and recruiting. I was able to get my relationship up high enough with the lord of one of the main Northumbrian port cities that I could recruit there, and it turns out that you CAN recruit Norse troops in Northumbria, but only at the 3 major cities (2 ports and a land-locked city). I am now working on my relationship with the lords of the other two towns so that I can have a nice flow of recruits again without having to sail back to Danmark.As for my relationship issue with Danmark, I am going to let it be for the moment. If I see a Danish lord in conflict with bandits or a faction I’m already at war with, I’ll jump in and assist (if it will let me) to gain favor, but otherwise I’m just going to play through and wait it out.

When(if) Northumbria and Danmark make peace, the relationship should reset to zero (assuming I don’t go around killing their lords). At that point I can trade/recruit in Ribe again, but for now I have enough cash to keep playing without needing the trade from Ribe. So despite the struggles brought about by buggy relationships with my fellow Viking factions (if you recall, I swore as a vassal to Northumbria and somehow immediately was at war with Danmark and Norway despite Northumbria supposedly being occupied and ruled by Danish Jarls and Danmark and Norway being allies), I decided to forge ahead as a Viking. I was able to raise reputation enough to recruit Norse troops in two of the three major cities in Northumbria. Of course, as soon as I’d done the work to get to that point, Northumbria and Norway prompty signed a peace treaty, resetting my relationship with Norway to zero and allowing me to both trade with them (which is very lucrative) and recruit Norse troops from their cities.

Oddly, Northumbria and Danmark are still at war, and the same King Horik of Danmark with whom I have the best relationship possible in game is currently wandering around Northumbria, the faction HE HIMSELF sent me to SUPPORT, pillaging their villages and duking it out with their Jarls. My men believe Horik to be “touched by the gods”, and have pleaded with me to avoid him until such as time as he regains his senses.;-)So now that I have recruitment and trade open to me again, I’ve saved up a tidy nest egg of nearly 80,000 penningas and am travelling with an army of close to 100 men and women. Sadly, I have lost Bodo (a talented fighter) and Brunhild (a skilled physician) as they vehemently disagreed with my support of the Pagan Danes over the Christian Saxons. In their place I have retained Egil, King Horik’s bastard son, and a real son of a bitch who makes it his mission to piss me off at every turn (yet he is useful, as a link to Horik and a respected warrior). I also have Asbjorn, the physician from Danmark, but I do not think he will travel with me much longer, as his mission originally was to see me complete my mission to reach Jorvik and assist the sons of Ragnar, which I am now doing. My constant shadow and self-imposed bodyguard Solveig is also still with me.

The virgin shield maiden is a welcome addition to the shield wall in battle, but her insistence on calling me “handsome” in front of the men, and the knowing winks and grins it elicits from them wears thin on my patience. It makes me miss the shy glances and halting advances of poor Brunhildthough I suspect Solveig herself misses Brunhild far more than I. Strong, stoic Ceawlin the Celt says little and fights like a wild boar. I think I like him best of all my companions. Finally, the Greek, Agathinos, is very handy when it comes to siegework and dealing with the locals, but there is something not quite right with him.

I’ve caught him several times having conversations with himself in different voices. I fear his long captivity may have addled his mind, but perhaps he is also the person most suited to help me deal with my own mother, who is also touched by the gods, when and if I find her again. My quest to find and kill Sven Bull-Neck and free my mother continuesI have been tasked by Rathbart Ragnarson, leader of all the Jarls in Northumbria, with taking and holding an Alban fort far to the north.

Mount And Blade Viking Conquest Max Ships

The strategy is that Northumbria cannot fight a war on two fronts, and the southern front must remain the focus for now, so distracting Alban’s forces by taking a fort far into their territory will keep them from coming south into Northumbria while the Northumbrian lords are all busy reclaiming territory to the south. I suspect this task is a bit of a suicide mission, though on the bright side the fort is located very close to a major waterway, which means if things go very badly for me, I can always try to sneak away in my longboats under over of darkness.Speaking of longboats, a victory over two longships full of Northmen who were attacking some traders at sea resulted in my capture of yet another intact longship (albeit in need of extensive repair), bringing my current fleet to 4 longships, each capable of holding 27 men. I can now field a force of over 100 men on land or at sea. I am considering purchasing a new ship I’ve seen for sale at port that holds 90 men. As I suspect I will need 150-200 men to successfully assault and hold the Alban fort for the required 20 days.

Mount And Blade Viking Conquest Guide

I also believe I will need quite a few more archers than what I currently employ, as holding a battlement is easier with ranged troops. I will need to scour the taverns for mercenaries who can wield a bow as well as a sword.My work is cut out for me:ulliForge my relationships with my new peers in Northumbria, perhaps landing a fief along the way. /liliIncrease the size of my fleet to 150-200 man capacity/liliAdd archers or other ranged troops to bring my army to between 150-200 men/liliRelocate my personal stronghold to Northumbria from Danmark, so that I can have a reliable base of operations/liliTake and hold the Alban fort/liliFind and kill Sven Bull-Neck if possible/li/ul. When last we spoke I had been tasked with taking and holding a fortified settlement deep in the northern reaches of the kingdom of Alban.

Knowing that this would require a force of between 150-200 men, at least 25% of which would need to be archers or other ranged troops (for holding the walls once we took them), I had set about raising both the money and the men to complete my task for Rathbart Ragnarson. Alas, the many sons of Ragnar Lodbrok who have come to Northumbria to supposedly “settle” seem to have a strong talent for pissing off the locals at every turn.