Mount And Blade Warband How To Increase Morale

Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Native 1.143. What tweaks does TweakMB support? TweakMB can tweak the following settings: AI Lord Parties. Base party size Party size gained per point of leadership Renown needed to increase party size Bonus party size for faction leaders, faction marshalls, and number of castles owned Level modifier for party size. Top Voted Answer. There are several factors for morale calculations: there is always a flat 50 points. Leadership provides a Positive boost. Food variety provides a positive boost. Large troop numbers cause a negative drop. The final factor is a combination of several different things (called Recent Events).

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(not save-game compatible) Table of Contents.Items.Gameplay Guides and Tips.Latest activity.edited by 58 seconds ago Summary:Link to comment by 1 hour ago Comment:By 'merchants' I meant the smith and stable. I actually agree with you on adding at least a way to buy/sell armor, weapons, etc. Perhaps comment by 2 hours ago Comment:I mean why not add some shops, or training grounds, or fruit garden to generate food?.new comment by 2 hours ago Comment:It says here, that you can hire merchants and workers, but I couldn't find an option for it.

Just blacksmith and stablehand. Actually I'm a comment by 2 hours ago Comment:Yes, you can. But you'd have to start a new game to make the changes take effect. If you want the changes to companion stats apply to an comment by 4 hours ago Comment:Can I edit PoP companions stats permamently with Morgh? Including level, but I'm only interested in stats, skills and prof????.new comment by 6 hours ago Comment:Random KO locations, random number of KO chapters, random bonuses to starting companions skills, random items inside Old Ruins chest, random comment by 7 hours ago Comment:I see.


Just a question, why exactly is this done because it just seems like it limits the number of knighthood orders on the map such as the comment by 9 hours ago Comment:That's normal. See the table at the bottom of the Mercenary Companies page.edited comment by 9 hours ago.