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Okay, now think of this for a moment. Someone's mouse ended up getting broken and now it double clicks whenever they play.

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Due to this, they can no longer play the games that they like. However, they find out that one of their favorite games supports a controller. What do they do? Call of duty 2 failed to find steam. Wait until they can afford a new mouse or play with a controller?I'm not saying that it would be better than a mouse. I'm just mentioning that there is already support for a controller.

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Mount And Blade Warband Ps3

It isn't a replacement for the mouse and keyboard but it's a good alternative. When I first started playing Warband I thought a game pad controller might work better but never actually got around to trying it. In single player there would be no issue with mouse users having an advantage if using a game pad has some disadvantage.They released Warband on the Nvidia Shield mobile device which uses a game pad.Some people have used add on devices to get mouse control to work in some online games that are designed for game pad controllers and found that they had a significant advantage in mulitplayer.

Mount And Blade Warband Ps4 Walkthrough

  • In Warband, alternative way to bring up cheatmenu, since that tilde key doesn't work on every computer, is to go to 'mount and blade warband modules native' and open 'menus' -txt. There, look for mnotutorialcheat 1 31 2 1 0, and change the last value from 0 to 1.
  • Mount & Blade: Warband. In a land torn asunder by incessant warfare, it is time to assemble your own band of hardened warriors and enter the fray. Lead your men into battle, expand your realm, and claim the ultimate prize: the throne of Calradia!