Ms Display Adapter Not Working

Is anybody using this successfully with the SP3? I use my SP3 daily in my classroom, but I've been frustrated at being tied down to a desk with cables (whereas with my iPad/Apple TV I could walk around the classroom and project the display from anywhere).

I was able to get my galaxy s8 plus to successfully connect to the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2. I even watched a movie that I had on my device that was aprox. 1.5 hrs with no issues! To get it to work, I had to hold the reset button on the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter for 10 seconds to reset it. Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter disconnects, won’t stay connected – Common disconnects are also a problem with Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. According to users, sometimes their adapter can’t stay connected. Pairing failed Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter – In some cases, you might not be able to pair your adapter at all. That will take a lot of battery. The MS Display Adapter, since it's basically a Miracast adapter, will also work with many if not all LG and Samsung Android phones for the last number of years. Look for some kind of 'Smart View' app or another built in cast app that's on your phone. It should find your MS Display Adapter and work easily!

Ms Display Adapter Not Working

I bought the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, but I'm dissatisfied so far. Two main issues: Image seems less sharp than when connected w/ wires, and 'throw distance' of projector changes drastically. I have to move projector 2-3 feet further back to get same size projected image.

Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome. I've been using my Microsoft Wireless Display adapter with my Surface Pro 2, Asus VivoNote 8, Galaxy S5, and my fiance's Yoga 2 without issues. Go to the Windows apps store and type in 'Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.' It should be the first result you get. The app updates the firmware for the adapter as well as controlling other settings.I haven't really noticed a loss in sharpness with whatever device I use.

Ms Display Adapter Not Working Free

1080p videos are displayed at 1080p (everything is displayed at 1080p according to my home theater receiver and HDTV). That's with the stock Intel drivers on everything except the Galaxy S5 which runs Android 4.4.4 and likely has drivers from Samsung.The only thing I really notice is that there is some lag between what's on the displays for my devices and what is shown on my HDTV. It's not a huge issue for watching movies or doing a PowerPoint presentation but I wouldn't game with it. There are also some times when I see little glitches like an off-color rectangle appearing horizontally across the screen or there is a patch of static pixels but those are with my S5 and Asus unit whereas my vastly more powerful Surface Pro 2 and fiance's Yoga 2 (similar configuration to my SP2 just with a slower CPU) don't have those problems. Click to expand.I have no yet tried using the SP2 casting function as my Lenovo Miix tablet (win8.1) had terrible lag for movie sound and sub titles. The sound was about a second behind the video and the sub-titles about three seconds behind. Totally useless.

I have an iPazzport Miracast dongle that works just fine with my Moto-X (Android phone) as the sending unit, but, with the Miix and windows 8.1 - awful.Could you (or someone else) please try using subtitles on Amazon or Netflix and report back. If it is useable then I will happily spring for the msoft dongle and use the SP2 as the sending unit. The lag itself on the tablet is not the issue, it is the sound and the subtitles lagging on the TV being cast to.Thanks. I tried Netflix and forced the English subtitles on a movie, they were fine. The subtitles and audio were in-sync with the video. I've watched tons of other video content with my SP2 and MS wireless display adapter without issues.The only time I encounter anything bad is with my Asus VivoTab Note 8. I will get some static pixels and now I'm starting to experience some slight stutter when playing back online HD content (like YouTube videos) through the touch version of IE.

However, I can open up Chrome, go to the same video, and my Asus tablet will stream it just fine in 1080p. It must be something to do with the Intel Atom SoC versus the Core i5 in the SP2 (and in my fiance's Yoga 2 Pro). I had a Chromecast in my living room but moved it to my bedroom. It was a $20 experiment and it isn't a bad device when paired with my Galaxy S5. But I watch a bunch of videos online (not through Youtube but stuff like and the Chromecast wasn't very good when it came to screen mirroring with either my SP2 or Asus. My Asus could barely do it at 480p while my SP2 could do it at 720p but my HDTV would never be filled.I have a PS4 in my living room so it is my dedicated Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu (HBO Go coming soon) device so I was mainly using the Chromecast for online video watching. Now the Chromecast is my Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO Go device in my bedroom.

I have a Surface Book 2, and an Android phone that works great with the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. However, my Lenovo P50 running WIN 10 will recognize the device but will no connect to it and eventually errors out.

When installing the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter app on the Surface Book 2 is see Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-AC Network Controller was installed under Network Adapters. However, I do not see this was installed in the Lenovo. Does anyone know if this could be the issue?:). Microsoft wireless display adapter with Lenovo YogaHi,I realize the inconvenience you are facing with Microsoft wireless display adapter. I will certainly help you.I suggest you to run windows Hardware and Devices troubleshooter to fix the issue.Kindly follow the below steps to run Windows Update troubleshooter:. Search for Troubleshooting in Windows search box, and open it.

Select view all in the left pane of troubleshooting Window. Click on Hardware and Devices, and follow the on-screen instructions.Please reach back to us, if you face difficulty withMicrosoft wireless display adapter.

Ms Display Adapter Not Working

We will be happy to help.Thank you. Display problems with the Microsoft Wireless Display AdapterHi,It is possible that you are experiencing an audio and video streaming issues due to a corrupted or an outdated display driver.

Ms Display Adapter Not Working On Windows 10

To isolate your issue, we'd like to gather more information:. Have you made any recent changes prior to this issue?. Could you tell us the exact error message you received?. Have you tried updating your display drivers?.

Does this happen only when you're streaming a video?. What troubleshooting steps have you done so far?Meanwhile, we suggest that you follow the steps in this on how to troubleshoot Wireless Display Adapters.

You may expand each section that best describes your situation and check if the issue still persists.Let us know if you need further assistance. Windows Wireless Display Adapter-not connecting anymoreHello Phillip,Did you notice any changes on your PC prior to the issue?

I suggest that you follow the steps outlined in this support article.Since updating drivers did not work, in addition, you can try to reset the Wireless Adapter. On the adapter, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. When the message ' Ready to connect 'shows, open theAction Center. Select Connect, and in the list of displays, selectMicrosoft Wireless Display Adapter.Please respond to this thread to let me know how the issue progresses. Similarly, if you have more questions, please inform me by replying to this post.

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