Psx Emulator Aspect Ration

EDIT: The Flow released Adrenaline 6.3 with custom size controls. This patch is not needed anymore!Use these numbers in Adrenaline 6.3 to get the PS1 screen sizes from my now obsolete patch:Normal mode was equivalent toScreen Scale X (PS1) = 1.185Screen Scale Y (PS1) = 1.000Full mode was equivalent toScreen Scale X (PS1) = 1.500Screen Scale Y (PS1) = 1.000The above numbers are only good on is a patch for TheFlow's Adrenaline v.6.2. The patch improves display of PS1 games on VitaTV.

  1. Playstation Emulator Aspect Ratio

It increases the screen size and eliminates the additional black borders on the top and bottom of the screen.I recommend the following settings to play PS1 games on VitaTV with this patch:````graphics filtering: bilinearsmooth graphics: onPS1 screen size: normal````This patch only affects the setting `PS1 screen size: normal` when `graphics filtering` is not set to `original`.Explanation: Sony's original display mode for PS1 games on VitaTV displays a wrong aspect ratio that is vertically stretched. Adrenaline corrects this by scaling the height down. This patch scales the width up instead. This results in a larger image with no additional black bars on the top and bottom. The aspect ratio is still correct.InstallationAdrenaline 6.2 must be already installed. To patch your Adrenaline, simply copy the file `adrenalineuser.suprx` to `ux0:app/PSPEMUCFW/scemodule/`, overwriting the existing file.Changelog- increase the normal screen size for PS1 games on VitaTV.

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Playstation Emulator Aspect Ratio

Keep in mind that PlayStation has an aspect ratio of 4:3, meaning at certain resolutions, if you don’t maintain the pixel ratio, the image will ‘stretch’. In Internal resolution X and Y the most sensible thing to do is tick option 1: High, and on Stretching Mode option 3: Try to keep pixel ratio. This ensures that the game maintains a decent aspect ratio regardless of the resolution.

This eliminates the extra black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. Click to expand.For Vita (not Vita TV), the two numbers should be the same.I am trying to remember the exact numbers. I think the best settings for Vita (not Vita TV) were 544/480, soScreen Scale X (PS1) = 1.135Screen Scale Y (PS1) = 1.135You can easily test it yourself. If there are some pixels missing on the top and bottom, you can decrease both numbers. If there are empty black bars on top and bottom, then you can increase the numbers a bit.EDIT: I really don't remember, it could also be 544/512, soScreen Scale X (PS1) = 1.063Screen Scale Y (PS1) = 1.063Just try and see which setting gives the best results (no pixels missing on top and bottom). Click to expand.The 'COMMITS' are compiled automatically into the current release that is available for download, sometimes or most of the time, the physical release on github always has these in there, I compared the initial release I downloaed (should be), to one I downloaded after said posted COMMITS, and the screen was offcentered!