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Total War: ROME 2 IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS - AUTO-RESOLVE ONLY CHALLENGE - Duration: 35:07. The Spiffing Brit 797,633 views. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Factions in Total War: Rome II (Redirected from Factions) Page; Discussion. Ranging from the Spanish coast to the far-flung, exotic kingdoms of the east, the campaign map for Total War: Rome II is breathtaking in scope, and a study in detail and variety. This page is your source for background information about each of the playable factions.

FactionsThese are the factions in Rome: Total War. A general overview of the four Roman factions can be found.The House of JuliiThe Julii are one of three playable Roman families in Rome: Total War. Based in Northern Italy and tasked with dealing with the various barbarian tribes of the North, they obey the Senate's orders with a vengeance - for now.In the onset of the Imperial Campaign, the Julii are still very high-ranking, but perhaps not as prosperous as they once were. The opportunities presented by the current age of aggression offers a wide venue for the Julii to vie for power.

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Under the skill of your leadership, the Julii can accomplish great things for Rome - and themselves. After all, there is no one today who has not heard the name Gaius Julius Caesar, who is a member of this Roman family.As with their sister-factions, the Julii command a faction that is populated by Roman legions. Their benefits are generally their infantry, and their cavalry selection is modestly impressive.For more information on the Julii check out the, a longer and regarding the faction.The House of BrutiiThe Brutii have dignified Rome with their history of service. Their origins can be traced back to the revolt against the Etruscan kings of old.

Brutii were also responsible for dethroning the dictator Caesar, and many other events that Rome owes them for, greatly. They're not the most finesse faction, but they have every possibility of being, simply, the best.They have the responsibility of eliminating the threats to Rome's east, and restoring the glory of the Republic to a new high point. By the hand of a Brutii, of course.For more information on the Brutii check out the, a longer and regarding the faction.The House of ScipiiThe Scipii are the third great Roman family, and their main duty is to wipe the Liby-Phoenician scum that is Carthage off the map. They are somewhat different from the other factions, appreciating the old-world elements of Greece. The Scipii start with a small hold in Italia, but have the power to expand outward to the sea.Their goals are to gain honor and dominate Rome under their wise and enlightened rule. After all, they deserve it.For more information on the Scipii check out the, a longer and regarding the faction.The SPQRThe Senatus Populusque Romanus, safeguarded by its highly disciplined military, controlled the entire Mediterranean, and beyond, at its height. The Latin culture left such an impression on Europe, Asia and Northern Africa that the legends surrounding it still echo today.

The foundations of modern, Western democracy are Roman foundations; the foundations of modern language are frequently from the mother tongue spoken by the citizens of Rome.The history of Rome, as a republic and as an empire, is an epic one. They were people that had risen away from their Etruscan slave-masters to become the single most powerful civilization in the centuries surrounding the birth of Christ.


The authority they commanded was revered, and sometimes hated, by the other cultures they ruled over. Even fellow Romans were jealous of the Senate's, and later, the Emperor's, power. This eventually led to the civil warring and confusion that destroyed the great Rome and ushered the Dark Ages that enveloped Europe for the next thousand years.In Rome: Total War, the SPQR, better known just as 'the Senate,' is a non-playable faction in the campaign. They hand out missions for the Julii, the Brutii and the Scipii, and are viewed as a political enemy more than an ally. It is one of your goals to crush them. However, in multiplayer and custom battles, they have the powerful advantages of Roman legions and destructive cavalry, as well as a few units of flaming pork to light the way for your army.For more information on the SPQR check out the, a longer and regarding the faction.ArmeniaArmenia, a land in the Middle East, also starts in a prime position, though one may feel as if he is crushed by factions on all sides. A difficult civlization to master, but one that can provide many benefits, Armenia is ready to become the center of a massive empire.For more information on Armenia check out the, a longer and regarding the faction.BritanniaThe Britons are similar in many ways to the Gauls; they are also 'celtic' and profit from age-old trading links to the rest of the world.

They also have well organised towns and kingships, and some tribes are to be found both in Britain and Gaul.Britannia is a faction with great strategic potential. They have a natural moat between their homelands and Gaul, which is a priceless defensive asset; ruling the waves will be important in their national defence. Their units are specifically created to strike fear into enemy hearts and many of them do this very effectively.For more information on Britannia, check out the, a longer and regarding the faction.CarthageTheir people were engaged in war with the Roman Republic for years, inspiring epic tales of their confrontations. A hardy and tough people that originated from Africa, the Carthaginians were at odds with their Mediterranean neighbors for years. The Carthaginian Navy was envied by even Rome. Their ships brought them to modern-day Spain and allowed them to make war with their arch Roman enemies.

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Their balanced military, accentuated by powerful Carthaginian elephants, is surely enough to challenge anyone in Rome: Total War.While certainly an advanced civilization, Roman expansion impedes their manifest destiny. The people of Carthage expect nothing less than the sacking of Rome.

They are more than a match for the great residents of Italy. When these two foes meet, blood is sure to flow freely throughout the battlefield.For more information on Carthage check out the, a longer and regarding the faction.DaciaThe Dacians coalesced into a nation in the boondocks of Europa, far from the Germans, Romans, Greeks who could have destroyed the fledgling barbarian nation. Their only really close neighbors were the Thracians and the Bastarnae. Dacia grew inside the curves of the Carpathian Mountains and expanded along the Danube River where they grew rich and strong.Dacia has a well-rounded roster, though of limited variety, which makes them a good choice for a full development. Their starting position gives them the time to grow, which they need, as their two initial cities are dirt poor.

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