Saving Changes Is Not Permitted Sql Server


Hi, So I'm using SSMS 2008 and I keep getting the 'Saving changes is not permitted' error in situations where I wouldn't expect it. Can anyone tell me what sort of table changes require the table to be re-created? Here are a couple of situations when it's thrown this error: - Adding a new NOT NULL field to the end of the table. Allowing nulls made the error go away. Increasing the size of an existing NVARCHAR field. Deer hunter 5 download. I used ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN instead - it was very quick, I can't believe that dropped and recreated the table in the background. So either I don't understand what's involved in making these sorts of changes (very possible) or SSMS is making some crazy decicions about how best to apply table changes (or at least the validation thinks it will).

Sql Server Studio Saving Changes Is Not Permitted

Any thoughts?

Saving Changes Is Not Permitted Sql Server

When you use Data Definition Language (DDL) to modify a table, and then you try to save the table in Microsoft SQL Server 2008, you may receive the following message.