Skyrim Gender Change Mod

Skyrim is one of the games that has one of the most mods available for it, and a healthy number of those are related to the sensual shade of things. Naked characters, customizable bathing suit parts, and sizzlingly characters are just a few of what an interested gamer can expect to find in the annals of modding websites. Best Skyrim Console Commands & Cheats. How to Use them? Last updated on April 23, 2018, By Charles. Skyrim Money Cheat – player.addItem 00000f 100 –. How to uninstall armored warfare. Gender Change – SEXCHANGE – It will change the gender of your targeted NPC or yourself. That will help you change the body shape, but the face and head will remain the same.

I got a gaming computer for two reasons – 1) to mod the hell out of my games and 2) to take some high quality screen caps! I use FRAPS to take screenshots and capture video from my games –. And these are the mods that I can’t live without when it comes to taking great screenshots in Skyrim – all the images in this post are unfiltered with no post-processing:Required:These are mods you must install in order for the other mods to work!– Don’t ask what it does, just accept that you need this and install it.:D) – This allows your characters to strike different poses and use new animations. It is a base file required for most animation mods.Highly Recommended:These are mods that I highly recommend if you want to take high quality screenshots and also make your life easier.– This lets you turn off all the HUD elements (map, crosshairs, etc.) so you can get a clean screenshot without game icons cluttering the screen– This literally saved my game. It prevents the awful Skyrim crash to desktop (CTD) when you have a bunch of mods installed.– This gives you a better user interface to navigate and organize your items/magic which is extremely helpful since most “poser” mods require items or magic to activate– This allows your character’s face to always be in the best light so you can take beautiful screenshots even in dark caves or against backlit scenes – truly a MUST if you’re hoping to take screenshots of characters!– HD textures aren’t required but they make a hell of a difference in high-res screen shots. If your computer can support it, do it!– This allows you to focus on the object in the foreground while making the background blurry, like if you had a real camera!– This lets you toggle equipped helmets with the push of a button – great time saver if you’re doing a lot of screenshotsRecommended ENB Mods:ENB’s are presets that make your graphics look crazy good. There are hundreds of different styles to choose from – I personally prefer realism ENBs but there are some great fantasy and cinematic ones out there, too.– You need to install the ENB base files first before using an ENB preset, so do it.– This is a tried and true classic.

It makes scenes look very sharp and beautiful. I do find the default settings oversaturated – I tend to adjust the preset’s saturation level down a little bit (default is 1.6 and I use 1.2).

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Skyrim Gender Change Mod

Only use one ENB Preset at a time!– This is my favorite ENB! I use a modified version of Morning Star (I made it slightly less saturated/bright during day time, with higher DOF), although I love First Seed for a more cinematic look.Recommended Environmental Mods:These mods change how the world of Skyrim looks!– Beautiful lighting and weather systems for Skyrim; recommended use with the RealVision ENB preset– This mod gives scenes much more depth and realism with realistic lighting!– You know where you picture spring water comes from? That’s what this makes all the water in Skyrim look like J– This gives a whole bunch of new water features and animations throughout the game.– Must have for beautiful leaves, grasses, and flowers!– This gives all the books in the game beautiful and unique covers – if you’re taking any screenshots with books in them, this is a great mod!– This gives blood splatter and bleeding a more realistic feel I know this sounds weird, but bleeding in water looks really cool Recommended Animation/Poser Mods:These mods allow you to make your characters and NPCs pose and animate in a variety of new ways. They are an absolute must if you’re hoping to create lively screenshots!– This is one of the only animation mods out there that does NOT require FNIS. It lets you play any in-game animation or pose.