Stalker Call Of Pripyat Beginners Guide

Is still so here’s a banquet of irradiated exploration and scavenging to tide you over. Is a standalone mega-mod (no purchase necessary) for bleak FPS sandbox series. Built on top of the and using ‘s massive world map, it offers an uncompromising but accessible survival sandbox that looks good and runs better than any similarly huge S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mod out there.I could spend ages telling you about all the impressive things that Dead Air does, but YouTube channel already said nearly everything I’d want to. Give the mod-review below a peek and you’ll have a solid idea if Dead Air is up your alley. Don’t be too worried about difficulty, either; unlike the notoriously cruel, Dead Air starts off gentle. There are also options to improve rewards from missions, the quality of loot found and the state of scavenged guns if you want to bypass any resource grind.

Dead Air’s only real issue is that it just recently debuted in Russia, and while there is a very recent English translation patch for it, it’s not 100% complete. While I’ve had absolutely no problem playing, I do find the occasional item description still in Russian. Still, few seem dissuaded and Dead Air is already developing its own community, with a small mountain of mods from other S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Projects being converted over by fans,.A few tips for beginners: Without armour, BULLETS HURT.

The biggest totally free game fix & trainer library online for PC Games Stalker Call of Pripyat Post by Soul Reaver » Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:05 am Hey everyone this is a Cheat table For the latest version (V 1.6.02) I take no credit for this table. Guide: Finding Oasis. You now need to walk through each curtain in succession until you get to the other side of the room. Exit this room for the final time, and you should come out in Oasis. Your prize is a quest artifact! The Heart of Oasis ∙ Healing +2 ∙ Nourishment +1 ∙ Energy Recovery +2 ∙ Wound Healing +2 ∙ Radiation -4 Good hunting.

Stalker Call Of Pripyat Controls

Wield a knife to harvest mutant meat/guts. You need to be standing by a lit campfire in order to cook food using a cooking set. Pick the Additional Weapon Set at character creation for an early assault rifle.

Buy a camping backpack from the trader immediately or you won’t be able to haul loot. Oh, and don’t nervously fiddle with the fire select switch on your gun until you stupidly break it like I did. The fact that you can even do that makes me feel equally attacked by and catered to by Dead Air.You can find Dead Air – it’s a bit over 5gb of download, and unpacks to around 12gb. Note that you’ll need, unless you speak fluent Russian. Just unpack the translation to your Dead Air folder, and make sure you select English in the language menu in-game.

Expect to die in the beginning. I've been playing it for a little while now. There are a couple of mods I'd get first off; not that it really needs any help, it's excellent, but they do add in their own way.1. Just what it says on the tin, it doesn't change gameplay at all, simply changes the gun names to those of their real worls counterparts.2.

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Stalker Call Of Pripyat Beginners Guide

This allows you to change the FOV in all the Stalker games to something a little less cringeworthy, I'm using setting 75, which seems to coincide nicely with the FOV of about 105 that I'm used to in most games.3. A weather system overhaul, which I found makes the game much more atmospheric. It also adds some interesting blowout effects and some ultra high res sky textures. Well worth it in my opinon.4. Some of the mods on might also be worth a look for you, mostly the absolute texture packs. They're not really necessary since the game is already excellent in that regard but could be worth your while to check out.Other than that, I wouldn't try to start your primary mission right off.

I'd find some other stalkers and maybe see about getting some better equipment. Take the time to explore and see what kind of jobs you can get, they tend to pay well and will give you opportunities to get some good gear. I've not just beaten it, I've THRASHED it.Right now, I have 200k+, most of the guns (fully modded for accuracy), a Running Power Armor, every other armor, every artifact, and my usual loadout is a fully modded Abakan (AC/96-2) and Armsel Protecta (Eliminator.)Few tips.1) When you go to the Boiler, find Petruha and heal him. He'll give you a Bear detector, and you will of course feel awesome.2) If you can spare the weight, always carry a shotgun. Invaluable for mutants.

A TOZ-66 Sawn-Off is cheap, light and fully moddable almost right off the bat.3) Every anomaly field has one artifact right off the bat. After you get your one free artifact from the Fang, ignore it.

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It's useless.4) Snag's name is very accurate.5) Beware of cries for altruism.6) Before you poison the Bloodsuckers, make sure you have EVERYTHING. That stuff will go right through a filter and screw you over.Ask me anything later, and remember, a fully modded Armsel is a joy to use outside its tiny magazine.