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A young boy grows up never knowing his parents. He is, however, a really great and promising warrior. Dressed in all white, he is trained by an eccentric old guru who gives him a powerful weapon. Accompanied by two trusty companions, he has to fight a dark lord, and restore order to the Light and Dark sides of the universe.And that is the plot of the original Star Wars trilogy.Happily, with a few minor tweaks, it can also be applied to the latest Indonesian fantasy blockbuster, Wiro Sableng Pendekar Kapak Maut Naga Geni 212. (Or rough translation in English – The Crazy Warrior Hero With The 212 Fire Death Dragon Axe. And you thought Daenerys from Game Of Thrones has a long title.)That’s because Wiro Sableng is a rather derivative, cookie-cutter fantasy flick, with a story so thin it could be a catwalk model. Which is a bit of a pity.Wiro Sableng (as we shall be referring to the movie) is based on the adventures of Wiro, a fictional warrior from a series written by Indonesian author Bastian Tito.

The first Wiro novel came out in 1967; since then, Bastian has written about 185 books about the character. There’s even been a movie and a TV series made about Wiro.Suffice to say, Wiro is a big deal in Indonesia, with many Indonesians having grown up with the character.That there would be a big-scale blockbuster about him is therefore, no surprise. What is surprising, however, is that the film has attracted international interest.

Wiro Sableng is co-produced by Fox International Pictures, in its first ever collaboration with an Indonesian company (Lifelike Productions).So what’s Wiro Sableng about? In 16th century Nusantara Indonesia, young lad Wiro’s parents are murdered by the evil overlord Mahesa Birawa (Yayan Ruhian). He is rescued by the eccentric witch Sinto Gendeng (Ruth Marini), who trains him to be a warrior. When he comes of age, he is given a magic axe (with an overlong name) and is told to defeat Mahesa.Wiro thus embarks on a journey, encountering many enemies.He also meets several friends – these are the boorish and portly Bujang Gila Tapak Sakti (Fariz Alfarazi) and Anggini (Sherina Munaf), a brave maiden who is the student of the perpetually drunk Dewa Tuak. On the way to defeat Mahesa, Wiro and friends meet princess Rara Murni (Aghiny Haque), and they end up fighting a plot to overthrow the government.Fun fact: The actor who plays Wiro, Vino G Bastian, is the son of the Wiro Sableng novels’ author. Pretty cool to have two Bastian Tito creations on screen at the same time!

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‘This is how many words should be in my movies title.’ Photo: Twentieth Century Fox FilmOverall, the movie is a decent watch. The involvement of Fox means a bigger budget for the movie, and this shows. The film’s cinematography is quite nice, and some visuals (such as a scene in the beginning with warriors riding under a blood-red moon) are beautiful. Much care has also been taken to make this movie distinctly Indonesian, with Nusantara motifs obvious in all of the costumes and sets, which is great.

Having a fantasy setting which is not typically medieval European is always a nice change.The actors also do a decent job, with the fight scenes quite fun to watch. Yayan (sporting a magnificent set of muttonchops in this film) was the fight choreographer in The Raid films and he brings the intensity of those film’s fight scenes to this one.Where the movie is a letdown, however, is in the story, which is the standard “Lets get together to defeat the Dark Lord” plot. A lot of story is skimmed over – we never learn who the villain is, or what exactly is his plans besides to “take over the country”.We never find out who exactly Wiro’s companions are, or what are their powers and motivations.

They literally seem to join Wiro’s adventure just because they have nothing else to do. We never find out much about Wiro’s axe, where it came from or the significance of the “212” philosophy it is based on.

Streaming Film Wiro Sableng 212

Download game rts pc offline play. It’s almost as if the filmmakers assumed that everyone watching had already read the books and so didn’t need to elaborate on anyone’s backstory.Wiro Sableng is marketed as a comedy: Wiro is raised by an eccentric witch after all, which is where the “Sableng” (crazy) part of his name comes from. This “crazy”, however, comes across in the film as rather immature: Wiro and his friend Bujang engage in weird banter and make ridiculous quips throughout the show. Very little of this is funny, and this can sometimes get annoying.These jokes also make the tone of the film very campy: it’s hard to take a fantasy film seriously when the hero is making fart jokes in the middle of a tense scene. Some people will love this, others will hate it.Overall, Wiro Sableng feels a lot like one of those B-grade films one watches on late night TV when nothing else is on. Catch this movie at nationwide.

Follow GSC on, and.Wiro Sableng Pendekar Kapak Maut Naga Geni 212Director: Angga Dwimas SasongkoCast: Vino G Bastian, Sherina Munaf, Yayan Ruhian, Marsha Timothy.