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General Help The Legendary Swords RPG (self.roblox) submitted 1 year ago by Bubster101 OK, so like any RPG, u want to max out your character, get the best gear and then just dominate right?

The Legendary Swords Rpg How To Drop Weapons

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The Legendary Swords Rpg HackThe legendary swords rpg how to drop weapons

Japanese Legendary Swords

It's for pathfinder, and it works out to something a little like this:Bag of SwordsSlot: None Aura: Strong Transmutation CL: 20 Weight: 4 lbsDESCRIPTION:This seemingly normal looking burlap sack contains within it 10,000 GP worth of magic swords. Anytime the wielder reaches in they may withdraw a single great sword with magical enhancements that do not exceed 10,000 GP,or any combination of short swords that do not exceed the GP limit, once per day. After 24 hours, any blades pulled from the bag fade away. If the blades are used to commit an evil act, upon fading the bag deals damage equal to the damage dealt by such act to its wielder before fading away itself, possibly to find a more worthy wielder.DESTRUCTIONThe Bag of Swords must be placed in a Bag of Shields before both bags are placed inside a Bag of Holding VII. All three bags are destroyed in an implosion that leaves behind the scent of burnt metal and crushed gamer dreams.

So, what do you think? Any suggestions on improvement are encouraged. Very much in the beta/spitball stage. I agree with randomizing the sword! If easily done, consider rolling twice and allowing the player to pick the result he prefers.

Also make sure to define that the sword's enchantment sticks until the next day (or some condition, like being sheathed for an hour), so you can't just redraw until you get the enchantment you want.Also consider having it accrue the wielder's negative karma. When drawing, roll the two dice to let the player pick their preferable enchantment. If either of the dice results are 'Vicious', the negative karma deals it all as damage to the wielder (and resets the negative karma to 0); leaving the wielder unconscious if damage would be lethal. If this drops the wielder unconscious, then it disappears and abandons the wielder to find a new owner.

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