Vhdl Code For Synchronous Counter Using D Flip Flop

  1. Synchronous Counter Circuit
Synchronous vs asynchronous flip flops

An up/down counter is a digital counter which can be set to count either from 0 to MAXVALUE or MAXVALUE to 0. The direction of the count(mode) is selected using a single bit input.In this post, I have shared the Verilog code for a 4 bit up/down counter. The module has 3 inputs - Clk, reset which is active high and a UpOrDown mode input.

Vhdl Code For Synchronous Counter Using D Flip FlopVhdl

Synchronous Counter Circuit

Mar 06, 2010  Here is the code for 4 bit Synchronous UP counter.The module uses positive edge triggered JK flip flops for the counter.The counter has also a reset input.The JK flipflop code used is from my previous blog.For simulating this counter code,copy and paste the JK flipflop code available at the above link in a file and store the file in the same directory with other.vhd files. Sequential Circuit design: 1: Flip-Flops. 4-bit decade counter. 3 bit synchronous UP/DOWN counter. Vhdl code for D FF. USEFUL LINKS to VHDL CODES. Refer following as well as links mentioned on left side panel for useful VHDL codes. D Flipflop T Flipflop Read Write RAM 4X1 MUX 4 bit binary counter Radix4 Butterfly 16QAM Modulation 2bit Parallel to serial. Ghadge and suun cast today. RF and Wireless tutorials.