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Warcraft III Reign of Chaos PC Game Overview. Warcraft III Reign of Chaos is developed under the banner if Blizzard Entertainment. And it was released on 3 July 2002 for Microsoft Windows. And Capcom published this game. Warcraft III Reign of Chaos game is the third installment in Warcraft fictional universe set. Download Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos, contains four playable races humans and Orcs, which had previously appeared in Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II: Tides of darkness, and the night elves and Undead, which was introduced by Warcraft myth installment.It is the second sequel to Warcraft: Orcs and humans, and it is located in the third game universe Warcraft.

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The gameplay of this real-time strategy game is engaging and interesting. The cinematic scenes are truly impressive. The graphics are superb while the musical score added more depth to the game. The single player mode offers a massive campaign and you will encounter different races namely Orcs, Humans, Night or Dark Elves and ultimately, the Undead. There are so many missions that will keep you hooked to the game. One of the key elements that make this game more compelling is the hero system wherein the characters will have distinct special powers that they can use when fighting the enemies. Moreover, the multiplayer mode is also very good.


But you need to be at par with the other players or you'll lose quickly. On the downside, the restriction on the unit selection is frustrating. Also there is a limit on the food that can be annoying. But overall, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is an enjoyable and fun game. If you are a fan of real-time strategy games, you should not miss this title. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos maybe old, but as a fan of RTS games, I have to say this one is still the best in its genre. For me, the graphics is still better than some of the new RTS games available.

It also has an exciting and fun gameplay wherein you need to build your own structures and create an army. It is important especially when you go to intense battles. Moreover, this game has four campaign modes that you can choose - Orc, Undead, Night Elf and Human campaign. All of the campaigns have different stories which I find very appealing. At the same time, it certainly provokes you to finish the game. Moreover, the multi-player mode is also very entertaining and intense.

Plus, it has various types of modes that you can play, which is completely different form the actual game. All in all, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is an exceptional RTS game that offers strong gameplay and deep storyline. Without a doubt, this game is on the top of my list.

In this game, I like both the single and multiplayer options. With the latter, you can utilize your heroes and take advantage of their spells to help you in the game. It is a fun way to compete against other gamers.

If you want to level up your hero, you can do so through the various quests. The story is good and also the cutscenes.

The various campaigns are remarkable since the transition from the different characters is well executed. There are so many plot twists in the story that will make you keen to the game. There are also side objectives throughout the game that makes it more engaging to play. There are levels where you need to unlock doors to help you increase your ranking. The different races also add variety to the game since each has their own distinct characteristics. Overall, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is worth your time.

Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos OverviewWarcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Free Download for PC is a high fantasyreal-time strategy video game released by Blizzard Entertainment in July 2002. It is the second sequel to Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, and it is the third game set in the Warcraft fictional Universe. An expansion pack, The Frozen Throne, was released in July 2003.Warcraft III contains four playable races: Humans and Orcs, which had previously appeared inWarcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, and the Night Elves and Undead, which were introduced to the Warcraft mythos in this installment.

Warcraft III 's single-player campaign is laid out similarly to that of StarCraft, also by Blizzard Entertainment, being told through all four of the game's races in a progressive manner. Multiplayer mode allows for play against other players, via the internet, instead of playing against computer-controlled characters as is done in the single-player custom game mode. Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Download free Full Version. The game proved to be a best seller and one of the most anticipated and popular computer game releases, with 4.5 million units shipped to retail stores and over one million units sold within a month. Warcraft III won many awards including «Game of the Year» from more than six different publications.GameplayWarcraft III takes place on a map of varying size, such as large plains and fields, with terrainfeatures like rivers, mountains, seas, or cliffs.

Warcraft Iii Reign Of Chaos Download

In Campaign mode, the map is initially covered with the Black Mask, an impenetrable covering. The Mask is removed from areas that have been explored, but those that are no longer within sight range of an allied unit or building are instead covered with the fog of war; though terrain remains visible, changes such as enemy troop movements and building construction are unseen. During a game, players must establish settlements to gain resources, defend against other players, and train units to explore the map and attack computer controlled foes. There are three main resources that are managed in Warcraft III: gold, lumber, and food. The first two are required to construct units and buildings, while food restricts the maximum number of units the player may control at one time.The game also introduces creeps, computer controlled units that are hostile to all players.Creeps guard key areas such as gold mines or neutral buildings and, when killed, provide experience points, gold, and special items to a player's hero. Warcraft III also introduced a day/night cycle to the series.

Besides having advantages or disadvantages for certain races, at night most creeps fall asleep, making nighttime scouting safer; however, the line of sight for most units is also reduced. Other minor changes to the gameplay were due to the 3D terrain. For instance, units on a cliff have an attack bonus when attacking units at lower elevations.In previous Warcraft games, there were two playable races, Orcs and Humans. In Warcraft III, the Night Elves and the Undead are added as playable races. As in StarCraft, each race has a unique set of units, structures, technologies, and base-building methodology.

Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Game free Download Full Version.In addition, Warcraft III adds powerful new units called heroes. For each enemy unit killed, a hero will gain experience points, which allow the hero to level-up to a maximum level of 10. Progressing up a level increases the heroes attributes and also allows the hero to gain newspell options (bringing role-playing video game elements to the series). Certain hero abilities can apply beneficial auras to allied units. All heroes can equip items to increase skills, defense, and other abilities. At level six, the hero can obtain an «ultimate» skill that is more powerful than the three other spells that the hero possesses.

Heroes can also utilize the various natural resources found throughout the map, such as controllable non-player characters, and markets in which the hero can purchase usable items. Often, hero units become the deciding factor in determining a winner.CampaignWarcraft III 's campaign mode is broken up into five campaigns (including an optional prologue), each featuring a different race which the player controls (2 Orc campaigns, 1 Human, 1 Undead, and 1 Night Elf). Each campaign is itself divided into chapters.

Unlike previous Blizzard titles, such as Warcraft II or StarCraft, players are not directed to mission briefings in which plot exposition occurs and objectives are announced; rather, Warcraft III uses a system of «seamlessquests.» Some plot development happens in an occasional cinematic, but most occurs in-game withcutscenes. Objectives, known as quests, are revealed to the player during the progress of the map. Main quests are those that the player must complete to proceed to the next chapter, but there are also optional quests which are not initially revealed, but can be discovered and completed alongside the main objectives.Through each race's campaign, the player retains control of one or more heroes, which slowly grow in experience as the levels progress.

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Warcraft Iii Reign Of Chaos Download

This experience is carried over to subsequent missions, allowing the hero to grow throughout the course of the campaign. Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos game free Download for PC Full Version.While different in terms of storyline and precise gameplay, all of the different races' campaigns are structured similarly. Each begins with a level involving simple mechanics to introduce the player to the race and the basic elements of their hero and units. After one or two such levels the player's first «building mission» occurs, requiring them to build and maintain a base while competing with one or more enemy forces.

The only campaign that breaks this pattern is the Night Elf campaign, whose first mission involves building a limited base. The last level of each race's campaign is an «epic battle» which means that the player has to strike down a large number of enemy foes and finally destroy their main base.MultiplayerWhile campaign games can have many different objectives, the sole objective in multiplayer games is to destroy all the buildings of the opposition.

In default melee matches, players can pick their own heroes, and losing one will not end the game. To make the game proceed more quickly, by default the map is covered in fog of war instead of the Black Mask. Warcraft III, like Blizzard's previous title StarCraft, allows for single and multiplayer replays to be recorded and viewed, allowing a game to be played at slower and faster speeds and viewed from the perspective of all players. Like all previous Blizzard titles since Diablo, Warcraft III uses theBattle.net multiplayer network.

Players can create free accounts in regional «gateways,» which helps reduce lag; these are Azeroth (U.S. East), Lordaeron (U.S.

West), Northrend (Europe), and Kalimdor (Asia). Unlike previous Battle.net-enabled games, Warcraft IIIintroduced anonymous matchmaking, automatically pairing players for games based on their skill level and game type preferences, preventing players from cheating and inflating their records artificially. If players want to play with a friend in ranked matches, Warcraft III offers «Arranged Team Games», where a team joins a lobby and Battle.net will search for another team; as with anonymous matchmaking, the enemy team is not known beforehand. Players can also host custom games, using maps either created in the Warcraft III World Editor, or the default multiplayer scenarios. The game also offers Friends Lists and Channels for chatting, where players can create custom channels or join Blizzard-approved ones. Warcraft III also allows players to band together to form «clans», which can participate in tournaments or offer a recreational aspect to Warcraft III. Global scores and standings in matchmaking games are kept on a «ladder».

These rankings can be checked online without the need of the game.Due to the version 1.24 patch, many third-party programs have been rendered unusable. Several third-party programs that reveal the entire map, commonly known as maphacks, have been released for the update.

It also disabled collided maps, which would make modified custom maps appear to be the same as the original. Another effect of the patch, which is not included in the release notes, is that custom maps with large filenames will not appear in the game. The limit is believed to be 20 characters, but this has not yet been tested. This patch also rendered many custom maps unplayable due to custom map scripts. Even some versions of the famous Defense of the Ancients were no longer functioning.SynopsisSettingWarcraft III takes place in the fictional world of Azeroth. Several years before the events of the games, a demon army known as the Burning Legion intent on Azeroth's destruction corrupted a race called the Orcs, and sent them through a portal to attack Azeroth.

After many years of fighting, the Orcs were defeated by a coalition of humans, dwarves and elves known as the Alliance; the surviving combatants were herded into internment camps, where they seemed to lose their lust for battle. With no common enemy, a period of peace followed, but the Alliance began to fracture. The events of Warcraft III occur after a timeskip from Warcraft II. This period was originally intended to have been documented in Warcraft Adventures, but that game was canceled in mid-development.PlotThe game's plot is told entirely through cinematics and cutscenes, with additional information found in the Warcraft III manual. The campaign itself is divided into five sections, with the first acting as a tutorial, and the others telling the story from the point of view of the humans of Lordaeron, the Undead Scourge, the Orcs, and the Night Elves, in that order.The game opens with the Orc leader, Thrall, waking from a nightmare warning him of the return of the Burning Legion. After a brief encounter with a man who is known only as «the Prophet», and, fearing that his dream was more of a vision than a nightmare, he leads his forces in an exodus from Lordaeron to the forgotten lands of Kalimdor.Meanwhile, the Paladin and prince of Lordaeron, Arthas, defends the village of Strahnbrad fromdemon-controlled Orcs.

He then joins Archmage Jaina Proudmoore, who aids him in investigating a rapidly spreading plague, which kills and turns human victims into the undead. Arthas kills the plague's originator, Kel'Thuzad, and then purges the infected city of Stratholme.

Jaina parts ways with him, unwilling to commit genocide, or even watch him do so. The Prophet, after previously trying to convince other human leaders to flee west, begs Jaina to go to Kalimdor as well.

Arthas pursues the dreadlord, Mal'Ganis, who was the leader behind Kel'Thuzad, to the icy continent of Northrend, where he helps his old friend, Muradin Bronzebeard, in finding a powerful sword called Frostmourne. Meanwhile, Arthas begins to lose his sanity after hearing his forces have been recalled by the Emissary, and he has mercenaries burn his own ships to prevent his men from retreating, then betrays his mercenaries and has his men kill them much to Muradin's disgust. Arthas and Muradin eventually find Frostmourne. Muradin, however, learns that the sword is cursed.

Arthas disregards the warning, and offers his soul to gain the sword. By doing so, Muradin is struck down by a shard of ice when Frostmourne is released, and is presumably killed. Arthas supposedly kills Mal'Ganis, and abandons his men in the frozen north as his soul is stolen by the blade, which was later revealed to be forged by the Lich King. Some time later, Arthas returns to Lordaeron and kills his father, King Terenas.Now an Undead Death Knight, Arthas meets with the leader of the dreadlords, Tichondrius, who assigns him a series of «tests». Arthas first exhumes the remains of Kel'Thuzad and contains them in the magic urn that holds the ashes of his father, which was protected by Uther the Lightbringer, head paladin of The Order of the Silver Hand as well as Arthas' former mentor and close friend. Arthas kills him too, then sets off to Quel'thalas, kingdom of the high elves.

He then later attacks the gates and destroys their capital of Silvermoon. He kills Sylvanas Windrunner, the Ranger General of Silvermoon (only to resurrect her as a banshee), corrupts their sacred Sunwell and revives Kel'Thuzad as a Lich.

The Lich informs him of the Burning Legion; a vast demonic army who are coming to consume the world. Kel'Thuzad's true master is the Lich King, who was created to aid the Legion with his Undead Scourge, but in truth he wishes for the Legion to be destroyed. Arthas and Kel'Thuzad open a dimensional portal and summon the demon Archimonde and the Burning Legion, who begins his purging of Lordaeron with the destruction of Dalaran. Arthas and Kel'Thuzad are cast aside by Archimonde, and Kel'Thuzad reveals to Arthas that the Lich King has already foreseen it and is planning to overthrow the Burning Legion.Thrall the warchief arrives on Kalimdor, meeting Cairne Bloodhoof and the tauren, and clashes with a human expedition on the way to find an Oracle.

Meanwhile, the Warsong Clan are left behind in Ashenvale to build a permanent settlement, but anger the Night Elves and theirdemigod Cenarius by cutting down the forests for resources. To defeat them, the Warsong leader Grom Hellscream drinks from a corrupted fountain of health contaminated with the blood of the Legion's pit lord commander Mannoroth, successfully killing Cenarius, but binding his clan to the Legion's control. Thrall manages to reach the Oracle, in fact the Prophet, who tells him of Grom's doings. Following the Prophet's directions, Thrall and Jaina join forces to purge both Grom and the world of demonic influence. They succeed in capturing Grom and healing him of Mannoroth's corruption. Thrall and Grom begin to hunt Mannoroth and Grom kills him, dying in the process, but in doing so freeing the orcs from the demonic control of Mannoroth at last.

Thrall tells the lifeless Grom that he freed them all and lets out a piercing roar alerting Jaina and Cairne to Grom's death. Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Free Download Torrent.

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