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Help with my mods or sims 4 in general–This used to be with my mod. However, this didn’t have anything to do with a sims personality. By moving it over here instead it makes the other mod’s description easier to read and follow along with being able to find this mod more easily.I know that there are other mods that give a risky woohoo or change the try for baby chances.

However, this mod here has more than just some changing of percents.Want ghosts to have babies with this mod?–Want Teen and YA & A Romance and Mess Around?–Change Log–3/14/18. NEW: Woohoo is now changed to “Risky Woohoo”Current String Translations:ENGLISHSo what does this offer?Well you get the possibily of a pregnancy with regular woohoo. However, it is a little more than just adding pregnancy chances to the game. This will increase or decrease the possibilities based on the traits of the sim.Basically what it means is this Risky Woohoo is based off the chances of a sim using protection of some sort during woohoo. These are based off of the sims traits. Depending on the traits this could either raise the percentage from a small amount to a large amount or lower the chances the same.


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For example: Out of 3 generations, I had 2 sims who apparently didn’t care if they “accidently” got pregnant by their lack of protection usage while my 3rd sim was very careful and never got pregnant by accident with Woohoo.These are percentages, meaning a pregnancy could happen the first time or it could take several times. In my testing I tested with the 5% chance and it took 6 times before a pregnancy and another time it took 2 times, again this depends greatly on the sims traits.

The lower percentage you have, the greater the chance of a sim never getting pregnant with this interaction.I packaged all the flavors into one so I am not filling up the download section with flavors. Just unzip the file and add in the one you want. The percentage is in the title of the package.Percentages. This changes the percentage a sim will start out with on fertility as a baby.

Woohoo For Money Mod

Depending on how the sims life goes will start to shape their fertility as a teen to an adult.What do you mean shape their fertility?I didn’t put in anything into the percentages that will deal with anything from a baby. So the baby will start off with the percentage you choose.

As a toddler through Teen they will start learning life skills/lessons. These will take into effect the sims fertility. Teen’s education will also take into effect the percentage. Once they turn Young adult their fertility will change again. Age effects fertility and starting with teens, the fertility chances will decrease as the sim ages. Changing a sims personality by purchasing lifetime rewards will also effect some of the sims fertility. There are also certain things the sim could do during their lifetime that will also effect fertility.

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All that has been put into the fertility percentage is done by random. There is no rhyme or reason to what I chose. I wanted it to be as random as possible when sims are growing in the game. The fertility percentage will be unknown. However, if you are trying and trying and trying and trying to get your sim pregnant and nothing is happening, let me know by giving me your try for baby percentage, your sims age, any rewards the sim has purchased, their traits, and their life skills they learned and I will give you an approx.


Woohoo For Money Mod Sims 4 Download

Fertility level of that sim.Are there ways to help my sims fertility?Yes! There is a couple locations that will increase their fertility while there are some that will decrease it. As of now Fertility trait, Fertility Message and The Wishing Well will give a boost in fertility for the sim that has the buff. If there are any other fertility things in the game like that please let me know, as I haven’t come across any others in game.Why did you make it so sims could be infertile or difficult to get pregnant?Well I like things to be different in game No seriously, I’m the type that doesn’t like all my sims to be the same and changing their fertility is just another way I can make my sims different and add a little more drama to story telling.Wishing well, Fertility trait, or the fertility message will NOT guarantee a pregnancy, even 100% isn’t a guarantee.Locations affected by this mod.