Wow Starter Edition Upgrade Cost

Anselm Eruzen's answer is incorrect. Currently, if you buy the base game ('World of Warcraft'), you get a free month of game time and you can level characters up to level 85 because the base game now includes The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lic.

  1. Wow Starter Edition Upgrade Cost 2017

Wow Starter Edition Upgrade Cost 2017


A digital deluxe upgrade from standard BfA will not grant you another boost. My character to 110, give me buying another BFA Deluxe Edition 110 boost? You can make a new starter account and upgrade it to BfA, which will get you a boost on. I guess its still worth cuz normal boost costs like 60 EUR. If your friend wishes to upgrade from starter edition to full he can do so for 54,99€ which includes one month free since it has the Battlechest, Catacylsm and Mists of Pandaria! I believe that option becomes available if you select the license then click on a big green upgrade button on the account summary!

Wow Starter Edition Upgrade Cost

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